Ohio Grassroots Brace for Smash-Mouth Politics in 2020


DAYTON, Ohio – The conservative grassroots group Miami Valley Citizens Informed welcomed Tom Zawistowski, president of We the People Convention, executive director of the Portage County Tea Party and former president of the Ohio Liberty Coalition, to its meeting Monday night.

The veteran grassroots organizer was invited to share his thoughts on what political experts predict will be one of the most contentious and expensive election cycles in modern history. Over the course of the evening, Zawistowski reviewed the top lessons he and his team learned over the past decade.

“Who’s representing us? No one, because the entire process is corrupt to the core,” he began.

Zawistowski offered high praise for the Tea Party Movement, but noted that many people feel like nothing has changed.

“If people had not stood up then, we would not be able to meet here today,” he said. “You saved this country!  If we didn’t stand up in 2010 and take back the House of Representatives and they would have had two more years of total control, it’s game, set, match, we’re gone.”

“If not for us standing up in 2010, Donald Trump could not have gotten elected. He won because we educated our fellow citizens about what’s wrong with this whole situation,” Zawistowski continued.

Then, referencing Kimberly Strassel’s The Intimidation Game, he discussed how former President Barack Obama weaponized federal agencies against Tea Party groups and their leaders, saying it’s exactly what they’re doing to President Donald Trump.

“Why did they target us?” he asked. Then he shared the numbers: Tea Party patriots elected the most new House members since 1928 during the election after Obama took the White House. In 2010, Republicans picked up 65 seats.

“That’s why we’re targeted,” he proclaimed. “Barack Obama would lose if he didn’t take us out.”

Zawistowski said he became convinced that Democrats will do anything to win in 2020 after a recent visit to the Portage County Tea Party from Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell. Farrell said his biggest fear is election fraud, and told the Portage group that its members need to go into every county, learn the rules, and prepare themselves to file a complaint and demand a recount on election night.

In Maricopa County, Arizona, Farrell said there were 140,000 newly registered voters in 2018. Judicial Watch urged the Republican Party there to challenge the new registrations on the basis that they were likely illegal immigrants. The party declined, and incumbent Sen. Martha McSally – who was appointed to Sen. John McCain’s seat after he died – narrowly lost her race to Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.

“Republicans didn’t fight it,” Zawistowski said. “The Governor promised to appoint McSally to deceased Senator John McCain’s seat, so they didn’t fight it – and we lost a seat.”

Making matters worse, Zawistowski suggested that conservative patriots have few allies in their efforts.

Americans for Prosperity – the Koch brothers – just announced they may endorse and work to elect some Democrats because their big priority is ‘the Dreamers,'” exclaimed Zawistowski. “The Kochs did not help us elect Donald Trump. Why? Because they’re corporate globalists.”

Zawistowski told members of the Miami Valley Citizens Informed that in 2016 the Democrats actually failed in digital programs. The right, however, colonized Facebook while Trump spoke effectively to the grassroots through Twitter.

That, he declared, is not going to work again. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made it clear: “We can’t afford to be neutral anymore.”

It’s not just Twitter, Zawistowski stated. Google is manipulating and influencing people around the globe to change the outcomes of elections, he argued, pointing to the work of Dr. Robert Epstein. His research shows Google can move an election by 10 percent or more by controlling what people see and don’t see.

According to Zawistowski, Epstein actually caught Google, on Election Day 2016, targeting only certain people with the message to “go vote.”

Zawistowski concluded his remarks with this reminder: “Politics is a game of force, not influence.”

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