The Battleground State Report: Democrats Say, ‘Come On In! We’ll Pay for Your Healthcare!’


The Battleground State Report, airing Fridays at 8 am CST with Steve Gill, Michael Patrick Leahy, and Doug Kellett is a one-hour radio show from Star News Digital Media in the early stages of a national weekend syndication roll out. The three men dissected the Democratic debates from the past Wednesday and Thursday night noting that all the Democratic candidates appeared very angry on stage.

Towards the end of the segment, the men decided that a clear signal was sent to the world that voting for a Democrat would ensure free healthcare for all people who want to come to the United States.

Gill: Big week as the Democrats had two nights of their debates with their cast of characters. In the first night gathering on Wednesday night, they were calling it the ‘kiddie table’ because you only had one of the top five candidates in the most recent polling on that agenda.

And then Thursday night you had four of the top five candidates gathering again with ten total candidates as two nights, 20 candidates, five or ten panelists. For the most part, some people got maybe three or four minutes to express their ideas and share their thoughts while others got a lot more air time. I think Chuck Todd (Leahy giggles) got more air time as a panelist sharing his thoughts as he led into his questions than most of the candidates got.

Leahy: Chuck ‘Comb-Down-Corporate-Shill-for-the-Left’ Todd? It was a rough couple of nights for him. My question for Doug with regards to the winners on this debate. So the pundits are saying Kamala Harris of California in her attacks on Joe Biden trying to paint him as a racist because he had conversations with the Democrat segregationists in the nineteen seventies.

Well, my question is the pundits in the East coast and the West coast all think Kamala Harris now is moving up in the ranks as one of the top candidates for the Democratic nomination. How Doug, does that display of, I don’t know how you describe it, ‘prosecutorial meanness’ (Leahy chuckles) by Harris. How does that influence voting behavior in these Battleground States?

Kellett: Well, first of all, I think we need to give Joe Biden a pass. It was kind of late, it was past his bedtime. (Leahy laughs) They didn’t start till nine o’clock so that’s the first thing. Yeah I mean, we nailed it on this program some time back right? The three of us agreed that Kamala Harris is somebody you gotta watch. We talked about a possibility Biden/Kamala ticket in the future or something. We talked about she’s going to be the one that the media’s going to pick on right?

Gill: And you’ve seen political figures kiss and makeup after primaries but that maybe a bridge too far.

Leahy: I think Kamala said to herself, “I’m going for it all. I’m going to destroy the old white guy.” Right?

Kellett: Well and apparently by most of the Democrat reaction, she nailed some punches, no question about it. And that’s really what you got to look at. Not as much what maybe conservatives are thinking about this but what does the left feels about it. The question though was about Kamala and maybe what her reaction was to how it’s going to play. I don’t know because the thing is the Democrats seem so angry to me.

The one thing that Joe Biden was not able to do last night was to smile a lot which I think is kind of one of his benefits to be honest with you. So everyone else, except maybe the spiritual guru seemed to me to be angry about something right? There’s been some kind of grievance they want to get even about or they want to take from people and give free stuff to other people. That’s really all I heard.

Leahy: See I think the key question here is, I’m going to take a phrase here from an old phrase and change it a little bit. How does it play in Pittsburgh, right? It doesn’t matter how it plays in Peoria because of Peoria…

Kellett: You mean Kamala’s. Yeah.

Leahy: Yes.

Kellett: Good question really, yeah. I don’t think that just from a Democrat standpoint that Pennsylvania would kind of like Kamala yelling and screaming at Joe Biden. But what do you think?

Gill: I think the anger that, you have crazy Bernie who’s screaming. And Kamala decided to try to pull out her inner Bernie and have that angry attitude. She was channeling Bernie. (Laughy laughs)

Kellett: Does anyone really want to have an inner Bernie, that’s really…

Gill: I don’t think most people watched. I think they’re going to get their impressions in these debates not because they saw it but because of what the media reports. And it will be interesting of whether or not the media reports, as the little secret out that he’s going to raise everybody’s taxes. It’s not just I’m going to hit the rich, I’m going to hit the middle class. So middle-class Americans need to be paying attention that not only did everybody on the stage Thursday night indicate that they want to provide free healthcare for illegal aliens.

You’ve got Americans that are struggling to pay their health insurance premiums. But every single one of the Democratic candidates raised their hands in support of providing health insurance free to illegal immigrants. And then you’ve got Bernie adding on top of that, (Gill imitates Sanders) “And by the way, I want to raise your taxes to pay for it. But we’re not going to talk about that a lot. But even the middle class will see a tax increase.”

Leahy: So here’s the thing about this. Talk about signaling and being a magnet. The six billion people in the world who don’t live in the United States who want healthcare. The Democrats are saying, “Come on in! We’ll pay for your healthcare!”

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