Drag Queen ‘Selena T. West’ Asks Supporters to Call Children’s Services on Christian Mom Critical of Program


Pride Month turned into Drag Month in Central Ohio.

The Delaware County Public Library offered a “Drag 101″ class for 12 to 17 year olds, while the Licking County Public Library offered a class for teens that was “set to include flag button and rainbow wing crafts, games, a drag queen celestial makeup tutorial, and a safe-sex program from Equitas Health,” according to the Newark Advocate.

Both events were cancelled and rescheduled elsewhere. The LGBT activist from the Delaware County program, Kyle Gale – whose onstage persona is Selena T. West – blamed the cancellation on “threats.”

“Celebrating a death threat…great job. Using your almost 1 million followers to call in threats to a public library. This is conservatism folks,” stated Gale on his Facebook page in a post about Elizabeth Johnston, the so-called “Activist Mommy.”


The Ohio Star discovered there were no threats investigated by police in Delaware County, and no police reports filed by anyone supporting the class. Both the Delaware City Police Department and the Delaware County Sheriff were contacted a second time and both law enforcement agencies confirmed, again, that no police reports were ever filed.

“To my knowledge nothing has changed, we did not take any offense reports related to this event, and there is no active investigation,” said Captain Adam Moore of the Delaware City Police Department in his July 2 email to The Ohio Star.

But Johnston and Melissa Ackison, candidate for the Ohio Senate, have both been threatened. Johnston has had to hire security, and Gale is encouraging people to file false reports with Children’s Services through social media as “Selena T. West” in order to get the Johnston’s children removed from her home.

In Ohio, making false accusations to Children’s Services is illegal.

“We were called ‘haters’ and ‘homophobes’ for wanting to protect children from publicly-funded programs that normalize and glamorize behavior that can be damaging and confusing to young minds,” said Ackison. “One of the drag queens called these classes ‘the grooming of the next generation.’ It’s just sick and twisted what some in our culture think is good for our children. Now look who’s making threats, doxing us and instigating violence!”


“It’s projection,” said Ackison, who along with Diane Stover of Ohio Value Voters, led the charge to expose the exploitation of a nine-year-old boy dressed in drag who danced for adults in a bar in Lancaster, Ohio earlier this year. “It’s nothing new. These people, everyone on the Left who hates Christians and traditional values, they accuse us of the very things they themselves do.”

There’s also an effort to remove Johnston from Facebook.

Change.org is hosting the petition to “remove the profile of The Activist Mommy on Facebook. She invited violence against the LGBTQ+ community and encourages her followers to spread hate via the phone from all over the country into places they don’t even live in. Very credible and real threats…”

Johnston and Ackison confirmed neither had ever encouraged violence in their calls for action. There was not a single protester seen at the rescheduled Delaware County Drag event.

Ackison has filed a police report because of the threats she’s received. Johnston is preparing to file a police report as well for threats against her family and her children.

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Beth Lear is a reporter at The Ohio Star.  Follow Beth on Twitter.  Email tips to bethlearreports@gmail.com.
Photo “Selena T. West” by Selena T. West.







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9 Thoughts to “Drag Queen ‘Selena T. West’ Asks Supporters to Call Children’s Services on Christian Mom Critical of Program”

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  5. Diana Brown

    I would like to know why it’s okay for ms Johnson & her family to harass people in front of their private residences with poster size signs & bullhorns, and give out addresses of Dr who work at planned parenthood but scream harassment when others use the same tactics on her??

    1. Bruno

      I would also investigative some of the threats and ugly comments made by the Drag Queen Selena supporters on Facebook towards her children. Including the one where they suggested “Hopefully one of her children becomes gay” This is the kind of sick people that Drag Queen Selena has supporting her and her cause.

  6. Lyn

    The library reported there were threats of violence against the teens and the adults. They didn’t report them to the police as there was no identifying information. The bottom line is if you don’t want your children to attend such events, then don’t send them! The teens requested the class and their parents approved their attendance. Threats of violence on either side are wrong beyond belief. Elizabeth hasn’t filed a police report either, to my understanding, yet she’s being portrayed as a victim. Bible classes are also held in public libraries, but you don’t see atheists demanding their tax dollars not go for such programs. Mind your own house!

    1. Bruno

      I hope normal parents understands that Drag Queens strip and perform for money at adult sex clubs.
      I cant believe that we live in a world now that the MSM are trying to normalize this as a normal thing.