Drag Queen Kyle Gale, AKA ‘Selena T. West,’ Calls for Protests at Fair


LGBT activist Kyle Gale, who appears on stage as “Selena T. West” (pictured above), has previously targeted women who do not approve of him teaching and reading to their children while dressed in full costume. Now, he’s calling for a protest of State Senate candidate Melissa Ackison at the Crawford County Fair.


The details of the Facebook event state: “We are joining together to peacefully protest at the booth of Melissa Ackison located at the Crawford county fair, on July 19 4 PM to 6 PM. Melissa Ackison uses her platform to encourage hate and discrimination. She is currently running for State Senate in Ohio.”

Ten people are currently planning to attend the protest and another 24 are “interested.” The protest follows Gale’s call for his supporters to contact children’s services and report a Christian mother who was critical of his “Drag 101” program. As The Ohio Star reported in May, Ackison expressed her opposition to that same program, which was scheduled to take place at the Delaware County Library.

The confrontation started in Ohio a little more than a month ago. Delaware and Licking County Libraries tried to use taxpayer dollars to support Pride Month activities. These activities, such as Drag Queen Story Hour, Drag 101, and a class scheduled in Licking County that included instructions on homosexual “safe” sex, are occurring around the country.

Dylan Pontiff, another man who dresses “in drag,” told his local library board in Louisiana that Drag Queen Story Hour is about the “grooming of the next generation.”


Pontiff said “grooming” simply refers to teaching children to be tolerant of those who are different.

In Houston, an organization called Mass Resistance discovered that two registered sex offenders were participating in their library’s Drag Queen Story Hour. Both men had convictions for multiple sexual assaults against children. The library had not done any background checks. Neither did Delaware County, until that issue was made known.

And at yet another event at a library in Multnomah County in Portland, Oregon, one of the drag queens laid on the floor and encouraged children to climb on him. The story came out on July 1, and the library took the pictures down July 2.

As for Ackison, she’s not taking the threats of protest lightly. She’s already notified the local sheriff, and others.

“All of the elected officials are aware [of the planned protest], the sheriff is aware and the city prosecutor,” Ackison told The Ohio Star. “They will be able to handle everything.”

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Beth Lear is a reporter at The Ohio Star.  Follow Beth on Twitter.  Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Selena T. West” by Selena T. West. Background Photo “Crawford County Fair” by Crawford County Fair. 






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  2. Lyn

    A call for a peaceful protest frightens you?

    1. Marty

      The days of blind tolerance for and trust in “just anybody” are over! Go work and play in the world YOU live in. Who cares? Nobody else’s business. Just stay away from children’s unsuspecting minds!! That is sooo creepy. Pretty simple concept!