Tim Ryan Touts Endorsements of Aldermen in New Hampshire City


Rep. Tim Ryan’s (D-OH-13) presidential campaign recently received the endorsements of three of Manchester, New Hampshire’s 14 aldermen.

“I’m excited to announce endorsements from three of Manchester’s Aldermen. Thank you Alderman Tim Baines of Ward 3, Alderman Bill Barry of Ward 10, and At-Large Alderman Dan O’Neil,” Ryan wrote on Twitter Tuesday morning.

In a statement provided to the New Hampshire-based WMUR, Ryan’s campaign said it was “excited to receive the endorsements of these incredible public servants.”

“Our campaign’s purpose is to address the anxieties facing the American people and how we fix America’s broken systems continues to attract attention from Americans of all walks of life who are tired of the same old talking points being offered as solutions to problems that never go away,” his campaign said. “We are excited to bring that message to voters in New Hampshire through the primary as well as to voters across America.”

The Ryan campaign posted videos of all three aldermen’s endorsements to its YouTube page.

“The reason I support Tim is because of his passion and respect for the working class. Manchester is a city that revolves around the working-class. It’s very important that we elect a president that will continue to look out for the middle-class and the working people,” Manchester Ward 10 Alderman Bill Barry said.

Manchester Ward 3 Alderman Tim Baines provided similar reasons for endorsing Ryan, saying the “middle-class is shrinking and people young and old are having a harder time than ever before getting ahead.”

“Tim is the only candidate I’ve seen talking about how our system is broken and the economic anxiety so many Americans are feeling,” Baines added.

Manchester At-Large Alderman Dan O’Neil said the community Ryan represents in Congress is very similar to the working-class communities throughout Manchester.

“He also talks about the economy and jobs. No one else is talking about it. He talks about the new economy and the new jobs needed to serve that economy,” O’Neil said.

As The Ohio Star reported, Ryan was polling at zero percent in a post-debate poll conducted by Quinnipiac University.

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Anthony Gockowski is managing editor of Battleground State News, The Ohio Star, and The Minnesota Sun. Follow Anthony on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Tim Ryan” by Tim Ryan. Background Photo “Manchester Aldermen” by Manchester, New Hampshire




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