Family ‘Walked Away’ from Democratic Party, Now Wants to ‘Make the Inner City Great Again’


Tyrone and Marcella Jackson – the #Walkaway couple made famous after they were spotted at a Trump-featured campaign rally last summer – have launched a program designed to empower those in the inner city who want to climb out of dependence and control their own lives.

“We were sausage makers and closet conservatives,” Tyrone said. “Our business was attacked for supporting Donald Trump. We decided to fight back by exposing inner city residents to entrepreneurship through ‘Make the Inner City Great Again.’ Entrepreneurship is a viable way for economic freedom, escaping poverty and government dependence.”


The Jacksons have designed classes for inner-city residents. The classes contain a message of hope through entrepreneurship and self-reliance. “We’re demonstrating that people truly care about people living in America’s inner cities,” Tyrone shared.

“Yes, we were attacked, but we’re not going into hiding and we’re not playing the victim,” he said. “We’re turning it around and using it as an opportunity to make a real impact in our community and hopefully in inner cities throughout America.”

The Jacksons recently told The Ohio Star their story about leaving the Democratic Party, and shared information about their business, The Good Frank. They did not learn business in college – there was no program for that. Tyrone became a self-taught entrepreneur, at one point giving up on his business altogether and moving his young family to Columbus. There he got a job washing dishes, but his drive pushed him to try his business again. Although their family and friends were unsupportive, even hostile, Tyrone and Marcella kept moving forward.

Part of moving forward is the plan to “Make the Inner City Great Again.” The program includes classes that teach:

  • conservative principles,
  • how to start a business, and
  • the importance of healthy, locally sourced food.

Students from their classes shared their thoughts about what they had learned.

“Before this class I never really thought the idea of owning my own business was a feasible idea. It seemed very far off,” shared Heather Whitt. “I can now…I can see myself owning lots of businesses, being an investor. I can see myself being above middle class.”

Whitt also shared about overcoming her insecurities, learning to look people in the eye, and realizing she had a food addiction. In addition to growing in confidence and catching the entrepreneur bug, she has lost 100 pounds.

George Garcia learned that part of establishing a business is becoming aware of the local laws. He also learned there’s a process to change ordinances that impede businesses.


Tyrone has a goal for his program, the inner city and the people who live there. “The primary purpose is to cast this idea of ‘I can NOT’ into the waste bin of history.”

The Jacksons certainly can. They just received some news:

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