Republicans Point Out How Elizabeth Warren Would Kill 300K Jobs in Ohio as She Pushes Radical Trade Policy During Toledo Visit


Elizabeth Warren talks while President Trump creates jobs, the Republican National Committee said in response to the Democratic presidential candidate’s remarks in Toledo on Monday.

RNC Spokesperson Mandi Merritt said in a statement, “Elizabeth Warren’s campaign can’t even practice what she’s preaching, so why would Ohioans buy into it? While Elizabeth Warren talks, President Trump acts, creating jobs, increasing wages and putting Ohio families first.”

Merritt said U.S. Sen. Warren (D-MA) recently attempted to score political points with blue-collar workers by joining a protest at Reagan National Airport where workers were protesting for a $15 an hour minimum wage. It was later revealed that Warren’s own campaign allegedly has been deceiving and “exploiting” their own workers out of getting paid anything.

According to a Congressional Budget Office report a $15 minimum wage would cost jobs and hurt lower income workers. An additional study shows Ohio would lose about 300,000 jobs if a $15 minimum wage was implemented.

Meanwhile, in Toledo, Warren made the case for a radical reshaping of trade policy.

Video of Warren’s speech is available here from Channel 3000.

The plan would create a major change in policy, using some of President Donald Trump’s policy and leaving behind policies of former Presidents Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Politico said. There would be nine criteria a county would be required to satisfy to conduct a trade deal with America.

Those standards include upholding and enforcing the labor rights laid out by the International Labour Organization, eliminating all domestic fossil fuel subsidies, fulfilling commitments from the Paris Climate Agreement, not running afoul of the State Department’s Country Reports on Human Rights, and not being on the Treasury Department’s monitoring list for manipulative currency practices.

Taken together, Warren’s mandates would fundamentally change American trade policy, potentially excluding many countries that would see the requirements as too onerous and transforming existing trade relationships. Warren’s policies would also likely face resistance in Congress from Republicans opposed to her environmental standards and from more moderate, trade-friendly Democrats.

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