Big Tech Building ‘Digital Communism,’ Ohio Organization Warns


SAINT LOUISVILLE, Ohio — Scott Andrews of EagleFire has a message for Americans: “Big Tech is building digital Communism.” He shared his message at the statewide meeting of the Ohio Liberty Coalition earlier this month.

Speaking exclusively with The Ohio Star, Andrews shared his background and how he discovered the fraud and lies of Big Tech.

Andrews worked in Big Retail: Nike, Starbucks, Disney and Victoria Secret, just to name a few. He provided their e-commerce, marketing and various other types of software and technology. Sometime between 2006 and 2007, he noticed something had changed — tried and true methods of business were not working. He began asking, “Why not?”

The stories are coming out every day. Massive, ongoing privacy breaches, fake advertising numbers, fraudulent apps, and more.

Just last week, Facebook was forced into a $5 billion settlement by the Federal Trade Commission in a 3 to 2 decision. Democrat Rohit Chopra, one of the FTC Commissioners who voted “no,” said the deal lets Facebook off the hook.

“This settlement is full of giveaways and gifts for Facebook. At the end of the day this settlement does nothing to fix the fundamental incentives of their broken, behavioral advertising model. It leads to surveillance, manipulation and all sorts of problems for our democracy and our economy,” Chopra told CNBC.

“A lot of people are concerned about what kind of information the Big Tech companies have about them and their family members, and this [settlement] doesn’t substantively address that,” Alex Stamos, former chief security officer at Facebook said on Squawk on the Street.

Andrews agrees and says to win the war against Big Tech, step one is exposing the ongoing violations of privacy and getting people’s attention.

Step two is showing Americans what Big Tech is doing with our data: making money and attempting to manipulate people’s decisions, especially their political ones.

Project Veritas’ interview with a Google whistleblower and the following undercover investigation discovered that Google “is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again.” People and organizations considered “right wing” by Google, like Prager University and Dave Rubin, are targeted and suppressed.

“Google is walking a very fine line. Search, plus Android gives Google amazing insight into individual behavior,” Professor David Yoffie from Harvard Business School told NBC News last year. “Google’s stated privacy policies seem adequate, but the question that I cannot answer is whether Google’s stated policy and actual behavior are one and the same. Facebook had a stated policy for the last three years which most of us found acceptable, until Cambridge Analytica came to light.”

When asked if the answer to the problem is to create a utility and have the government oversee businesses like Google and Facebook, Andrews said, “That is exactly what Google wants.”

“If they are made into a utility, it enshrines them within the government itself and that will give them the power to fully implement ‘digital communism.’ What better way to transform the nation than through sleek innovation and devices?” he said

According to EagleFire, the final step is getting control over data. Andrews believes Americans should be able to own the information about them.

“It’s a property rights issue,” Andrews said. “We can deplatform ‘the Swamp’ if we can control our own data because our data is their most potent weapon.”

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