Justice Democrats Endorse Joyce Beatty’s Primary Opponent


Justice Democrats, the increasingly influential progressive PAC that helped elevate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to power, has endorsed Rep. Joyce Beatty’s (D-OH-03) primary opponent.

“We are honored to support Morgan Harper for Ohio. Morgan is part of a new wave of progressive Democrats pledging to reject corporate PAC donations and fight unapologetically for working people,” the group said. “Morgan is building a grassroots campaign to fight for solutions as big as the problems we face.”

Harper, an ex-adviser to Richard Cordray and Stanford Law grad, announced her candidacy in July at an event in Columbus.

“Working people are finding it more and more difficult to get by. We’re struggling to be financially stable, access affordable housing, and live in a clean environment,” Harper said during her campaign kickoff, as The Ohio Star reported.

Harper’s policy platform, nearly identical to that of the Justice Democrats, includes support for a “jobs guarantee” program, tuition-free college, a “universal income” program, Medicare for All, and slavery reparations.

In its endorsement, Justice Democrats touted the fact that Harper supports the Green New Deal, free college, and an end to “mass deportation.” Since the endorsement, Harper’s campaign has started to receive national attention with an appearance on The Young Turks.

“For the issues that we’re talking about—healthcare, the environment—these are systemic issues that were systemically created through policy that doesn’t serve us, and it’s going to take people in Congress that are fighting for the policy solutions to actually address them,” Harper said during the appearance.

Beatty has represented Ohio’s Third Congressional District since 2012, and prior to that was a representative for Ohio’s 27th Congressional District before maps were redrawn. Harper represents Beatty’s first primary challenge since 2012.

The incumbent has said little about Harper’s campaign apart from a generic statement provided to The Cleveland Plain Dealer in July.

“I look forward to running in 2020 and serving the people of Ohio’s Third Congressional District,” said Beatty. “Throughout my entire life, both personally and professionally, I have fought for better jobs, better wages, and a brighter future for the people—and I promise to continue to do so each and every day here in Central Ohio and in Congress.”

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Anthony Gockowski is managing editor of Battleground State News, The Ohio Star, and The Minnesota Sun. Follow Anthony on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Morgan Harper” by Morgan Harper. 




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