Dispatch Misleads as DeWine’s Office Asks State Highway Patrol to Investigate Gun Rights Advocate for ‘Inflammatory Comments’


The headline in The Columbus Dispatch last Thursday was, “Patrol reviewing video by gun rights advocate threatening ‘bodies laying all over the ground.'”

The actual comment by Chris Dorr of Ohio Gun Owners (OGO) was, “There will be political bodies laying all over the ground.” The Dispatch does acknowledge, in the body of the article, that his words were “political bodies.”

On Facebook four days earlier, The Dispatch posted, “Ohio Gun Owners Executive Director Chris Dorr used the shooting in Dayton, and the potential threat of regulation that would follow, as a fundraising tool, saying in an email to members that ‘anti-gun activists are dancing in their blood and using this tragedy to hammer gun control into law right here in Ohio.'”

DeWine’s staff requested the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s involvement based upon the OGO video containing the comments about “political bodies laying on the ground.” The Patrol is tasked with protecting the governor.

Dorr created the video following DeWine’s announcement of his 17-point plan to combat mass shootings.

“Gun grabbers like Mike DeWine always run to their pals in the corporate, fake news media,” Dorr said. “DeWine knows that Ohio Gun Owners’ members are the chief obstacle he is going to have to overcome if he and Moms Demand Action are going to successfully ram this gun grab into law.”

On August 12 the headline changed to, “Patrol finds no crime in gun-rights leader’s talk of ‘political bodies.'”

“Ohio Gun Owners is JUST getting started, believe me. We’ve got the best army, and we are ready to start stackin’ ’em high,” Dorr posted on his Facebook page in response.

Dorr’s supporters responded to the announcement on Facebook. Comments included:

The double standards are sickening, when they use the same metaphors it’s supposed to be ok.”

“Folks are softer than a marshmallow these days. They’ll hide behind you in a fight tho.”

“Better watch it, Chris; they’re gonna ‘Red Flag’ you!”

Red flag laws, protection orders, expanded background checks — according to Dorr they are all gun control tactics that take firearms from law-abiding citizens. He says there is no evidence any of them actually prevent the crimes the anti-gun politicians claim they are trying to stop.

“We have always been concerned that laws like the safety protection order, which is still a red flag order that takes a person’s gun rights away without being charged or convicted of a crime, would allow future administrations with America-hating, freedom-crushing worldviews to prosecute their own agenda against conservatives, Christians, and anyone who doesn’t agree with them,” Dorr told The Ohio Star.

When asked if anyone from the Highway Patrol contacted him, Dorr responded, “They never talked to us.”

“This is a political hit job put out by the DeWine administration,” he added. “It’s an attempt to silence the obstacles in the way of his gun-hating agenda.”

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Beth Lear is a reporter at The Ohio Star.  Follow Beth on Twitter.  Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Chris Dorr” by Ohio Gun Owners.






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  2. John Byets

    This is not only a 2nd ammendment fight this is a fourth ammendment fight also..Not a good idea!!