Former Gallia County Deputy Andrew Holcomb Joins the U.S. Secret Service


Former Gallia County Deputy Sheriff Andrew Holcomb earned a new title Friday with the announcement that he has joined the elite ranks of the Uniform Division of the United States Secret Service.

“Please join me in offering a well earned congratulations to former Gallia County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Holcomb,” Sheriff Champin wrote on Facebook. “Today, after almost a year of rigorous training, Andrew received his commission as a member of the United States Secret Service Uniform Division in Washington, D.C.”


The Sheriff told the Tribune, “It’s about a year-long process. Very extensive including rigorous interviews and background checks. About a year ago, he was selected and started his training about seven or eight months ago in Georgia at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. And after about three months down there, after that concluded he was transferred to Washington to the Secret Service Academy which is where he has been until today under rigorous training.”

Holcomb’s new role as one of only 1300 officers in the Uniformed Division will entail the protection of facilities and venues “secured for U.S. Secret Service protectees,” according to the Secret Service website. His new duties could also include providing security for the White House Complex, the Vice President’s residence at the Naval Observatory, the Treasury Department building, and foreign diplomatic missions in Washington, D.C.

“Throughout its history, the Uniformed Division has accomplished this mission through a tradition of honor, integrity and a commitment to excellence,” the website states.

The Ohio Star spoke with Holcomb’s first law enforcement employer, Alan Queen, former Assistant Chief of Police for Pomeroy Police Department. Queen hired Andrew and his brother Adam fresh out of the academy. “Andrew was young when we hired him. After speaking with him, in spite of his youth, we realized he was very mature for his age and we decided to offer him a position. He was eighteen or nineteen at the time. As I recall, he worked for us part-time and volunteered for the Gallia County Sheriff.”

“For a young kid, he was very squared away, very professional, eager to get into the profession and learn,” Queen said. “I’m not surprised to hear that he was going for secret service, but I am very impressed. He has always been ambitious, very goal driven. I’m proud that he has excelled to this level and is going into the Secret Service. I know his parents and his brother – he was raised well and comes from a very good family.”

Queen had nothing but praise for his former Pomeroy lawman. “I think he will be very successful. The service is getting an outstanding officer.”

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Photo “Andrew Holcomb Earns Secret Service Badge” by the Gallia County Sheriffs Office.






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