Resident at Cleveland Clinic Fired for Anti-Semitic Tweets Requests Hearing from State Medical Board


Lara Kollab, a Palestinian-American who was in her residency at the Cleveland Clinic last fall and was fired for anti-Semitic tweets, has requested a hearing with the State Medical Board of Ohio. According to the Board, her attorney submitted the request August 6.

Kollab’s apparent hatred for Israel and its supporters was revealed by Canary Mission. In one instance, Kollab wrote that “people who support Israel should have their immune cells killed so they can see how it feels to not be able to defend yourself from foreign invaders.”

BREAKING: Recently FIRED Medical Resident Lara Kollab said: "People who support Israel should have their immune cells…

Posted by Canary Mission on Monday, January 7, 2019


Canary Mission exposed the details of Kollab’s anti-Semitism and provided links to the medical resident’s social media comments.

“Lara Kollab stated she would give Jews the ‘wrong meds’ and that supporters of Israel should have their ‘immune cells killed,'” Canary Mission revealed. “She has called for violence against Jews, spread anti-Semitism, trivialized the Holocaust, defended the terror organization Hamas and expressed support for terrorists on Twitter.”

Kollab’s tweets have since been deleted.

Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN) filed a Complaint and Legal Memorandum with the State Medical Board demanding action be taken against the osteopathic resident.

Michael Goldstein, an Ohio attorney who is general counsel and state director for PJTN, commented on his own behalf and on behalf of PJTN Founder and President Dr. Laurie Cardoza-Moore.

“Dr. Kollab has a right under the licensing law to a hearing before the Board on the charges made against her,” he said.

When it was announced that she had requested a hearing, her attorney stated, as reported in the media:

This is a very unfortunate set of circumstances, . . . And the doctor is doing everything she can to make things right for the people that she has upset or harmed through her comments.

In response to the statement, Goldstein contended, “Dr. Kollab cannot possibly ‘make things right.’ Nothing Dr. Kollab has done since the Complaint was filed, or what she says she is planning to do in the future, can possibly mitigate the disgusting and unethical behavior she has already exhibited.”

“Here is why,” declared Goldstein. “The Ohio medical licensing law states that the Board shall revoke or suspend a license or certificate to practice, or reprimand or place on probation the holder of a license or certificate for the violation of any provision of the code of ethics of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). In her tweets, Dr. Kollab has revealed an unbridled animus toward Jews, and also toward anyone who, in her opinion, supports the State of Israel.”

“She has noted that she is willing to skew toward an anti-Jewish outcome any research she undertakes,” he continued. “More directly, she has set forth a threat to harm Jews in her practice of medicine. And not only Jews: ‘People who support Israel should have their immune cells killed.’ Thus she included in her threats the millions of American Christians who support the State of Israel.”

He further noted, “These posts are in violation of at least three provisions of the AOA code of ethics. The crux of the matter is Dr. Kollab’s ongoing violation of Section 3 of the AOA code which mandates that a physician-patient relationship must be founded on mutual trust, cooperation, and respect. There can be no trust, cooperation, and/or respect between Dr. Kollab and her possible future patients, who will always have to fear that, rather than promote their health, Dr. Kollab may actually cause them harm.”

“This is an incurable violation. The kind of trust mandated by the AOA can never be restored. No matter what Dr. Kollab may say in apology or mitigation, that she has changed her opinions about her hatefulness toward Jews and supporters of Israel, or even that she no longer has an intent to harm them by intentionally mis-prescribing drugs, falsifying her research, or destroying their immune systems, she will never be completely believed. She can never establish or regain patient trust,” Goldstein concluded.

Clarifying the matter, Tessie Pollock, chief communications officer of the State Medical Board, emailed The Ohio Star and said:

On July 7, 2019 the State Medical Board issued a citation based on the doctor’s admission to making anti-Semitic comments on social media, and then subsequently deleting the comments and falsely claiming that she was being framed for having made those comments; and on the doctor’s 2/4/2019 sworn statement containing false statements; and on the doctor’s 7/1/2018 resignation in lieu of termination from her internal medicine residency at the Cleveland Clinic, which became effective 10/18/2018; and on the doctor’s failure to disclose during an interview with the Kerns Medical Center in California that her resignation was based on her discriminatory social media postings. The doctor’s actions, as alleged, would individually, and or collectively, constitute: making a false, fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading statement in the solicitation of or advertising for patients; in relation to the practice of medicine and surgery, osteopathic medicine and surgery, podiatric medicine and surgery, or a limited branch of medicine; or in securing or attempting to secure any license or certificate to practice issued by the board. Notice of Opportunity for Hearing mailed 7/11/2019.”

As a result of the situation, Goldstein clarified, “PJTN continues in its demand that the State Medical Board of Ohio take the most stringent action against Dr. Kollab within its authority.”

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