Ohio Town Officials ‘Saddened’ by Arrest of Illegal Immigrant Considering Change in Police Protocols


Officials in Yellow Springs, Ohio said they are “reviewing” their protocols following the detainment of an illegal immigrant who is reportedly loved by the community.

The Village of Yellow Springs released a statement Monday saying that local resident Miguel Espinosa was taken to the Greene County Jail for “driving suspension violations” and not having a valid driver’s license.

Since he was a repeat offender, police protocol required that he be taken to Greene County Jail in “an effort to change the behavior,” the statement said. From there, he was transported to Butler County Jail where he was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Dayton Daily News reports that village residents are shocked by the August 26 arrest of Espinosa, who runs a food truck called Miguel’s Tacos.

“We are saddened by the unintended consequences of our protocol on Mr. Espinosa. We, as a municipal government and police department, must face the reality of the catastrophic damage that our actions can have, particularly on our vulnerable populations,” the Village of Yellow Springs said in its statement.

Espinosa, who is 41, could potentially face deportation, the Daily News said.

“As a result of this incident, we are reviewing our protocols, guidelines and policies to find a better solution that meets our legal requirements, ensures public safety and well-being of the community, and is sensitive to the dynamics of vulnerable populations,” the statement concluded. “The Yellow Springs Police Department will continue to explore ways to protect every person we encounter.”

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Photo “Yellow Springs, Ohio” by Village of Yellow Springs. 






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One Thought to “Ohio Town Officials ‘Saddened’ by Arrest of Illegal Immigrant Considering Change in Police Protocols”

  1. Fran Armstrong

    He broke the law. I really don’t care if these people like his Tacos. You can’t pick and choose who has to obey our laws and who doesn’t. If he’s here illegally, he gets deported.