Sen. Portman Says He Supports Gov. DeWine’s Red-Flag Law


U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) recently said he supports Gov. Mike DeWine’s proposed red-flag law for the state.

Portman told Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles last week that he likes portions of Gov. DeWine’s 17-point proposal to address gun violence, which the governor released after the mass shooting in Dayton.

The senator also said he agrees that “more needs to be done to make sure people with mental heath problems are in the federal background check system,” Ingles reported.

“I think we can do more to tighten that up and my understanding is the president and others are willing to work on this together because if it’s not bipartisan, it’s not going to happen,” Portman said.

As The Ohio Star reported, DeWine called a press conference in late August to discuss making improvements to Ohio’s background check systems.

“Our state and national background check systems are only as good as the data they hold, yet a great deal of vital information on dangerous individuals is missing from these systems,” DeWine said, and noted that he will ask the General Assembly to pass a bill to improve background check systems.

DeWine’s also asking the State Legislature to “pass a law to allow courts to issue Safety Protection Orders which would remove firearms from potentially dangerous individuals,” which is considered a red-flag law.

On Thursday, Portman and DeWine both attended a “faith-based security conference” in Columbus to help educate religious institutions on the best practices for security.

“Today we had a productive discussion regarding best practices and funding opportunities for implementing security measures to help prevent attacks as well as how to best respond to potential threats within the faith-based community,” Portman said in a press release.

“Ensuring that synagogues, religious and cultural institutions, and nonprofit organizations have the resources and training they need to secure their facilities is one way Congress can help address unnecessary violence,” he added. “The threats and attacks we’ve seen across our country are tragically becoming more and more common which is why I’ve worked to increase funding available through my bipartisan legislation – Protecting Faith-Based and Nonprofit Organizations From Terrorism Act – to help protect faith and cultural based institutions in Ohio and across our country.”

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3 Thoughts to “Sen. Portman Says He Supports Gov. DeWine’s Red-Flag Law”

  1. Paul Ross

    There will be a no vote for these 2 politician in 2020 from me if it’s not to late by then . Had Enough. Pdross

  2. MuneShadowe

    I have been telling people for years these two are liberal republicans but this is all the party gives us and the other side is far worse. If the party wants to upset the base that is up to them because they could care less. Hey mickey and bobbie, have you ever heard of trial by jury? Swearing out a warrant with a probable cause? How about due process? Being faced by an accuser? How about an actual crime being committed? Instead of allowing someone with hearsay making a baseless accusation.

  3. Justin Bilyj

    Big surprise RINO Portman supports another RINOs legislation to violate constitutional rights…