President Trump Presents Medals of Valor to the Six Dayton Police Officers Who Responded to Mass Shooting


President Donald Trump honored the six Dayton Police officers Monday who responded so quickly to the August mass shooting. The President personally hung the Medal of Valor around each man’s neck. He also presented civilian awards to five El Paso citizens.

“Without a thought for their own safety they stood square to the target, executed their mission and brought down the murderer with precision gun fire…Within 32 seconds of the start of the attack, these six officers ended the violent rampage and saved countless lives,” announced the President. “Today it is my immense honor to award the Medal of Valor to those law enforcement heroes: Sergeant William Knight and Officers Brian Rolfes, Jeremy Campbell, Vincent Carter, Ryan Nabel and David Denlinger.”

“These incredible patriots responded to the worst violence and most barbaric hatred with the best of American courage, character and strength,” Trump stated. “Faced with grave and harrowing threats, the men and women standing behind us stepped forward to save the lives of their fellow Americans. Few people could have done, and even would have done, what they did.”


Attorney General Bill Barr addressed the room as well, “We also honor six police officers from Ohio who put themselves between a gunman and a crowd of innocent civilians. For the people out in Dayton that night, these officers were the thin blue line between life and death. The actions of these six officers show, that while that line may be thin, it is very strong.”

The Medal of Valor is the nation’s highest public safety award. The award is given to only a select few, nominated by their peers, and the ceremony usually occurs only once per year. “However the law permits the Attorney General to expand the total number of recipients when exceptional instances of bravery arise, and so that’s what we did this year. In my eyes and in the eyes of our nation, this special recognition is warranted,” Barr explained.

“In the darkest moments of danger and despair, God calls the bravest to action. These 11 individuals answered the call, they stared down evil, they put love of neighbor above life itself,” said the President. “And we are blessed by their courage, we are honored by their presence, we are overwhelmed by their example and we are forever inspired by the goodness of their hearts, the grace of their souls and the enduring greatness of their deeds. To everyone of the heroes we recognize today, thank you and God bless you all.”

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