As Ohio’s Secretary of State Began ‘Voter Purge’ Last Friday, Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson Cried Foul


Ohio Secretary State Frank LaRose began the process of reviewing the voter rolls last Friday to eliminate inactive voters. Ohio Democrats have been attempting to halt any purging of voters and after failing several attempts, including a lawsuit just last week and lashing out on social media. Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson joined them.

Attached to a comment about voting rights, Williamson tweeted, “Even now, Ohio is trying to purge 200,000 voters from their voter rolls. Voter suppression is the single greatest assault on our democratic freedoms and it must not be allowed to stand.”

In addition to beginning the legally required voter review, LaRose issued Directive 2019-22 on Friday, “…instructing county boards of elections on how to move forward with the voter list maintenance process pursuant to state and federal law, while providing certain exceptions and safeguards to ensure that no registrant is improperly denied the opportunity to vote.”

“As part of the supplemental and National Change of Address process, registrants who have been inactive for four years, or eight elections, since the receipt of a confirmation notice, must be removed from the voter rolls. The voter list maintenance effort currently being conducted is required because the previous administration issued confirmation notices in 2015,” LaRose wrote in an announcement to the press.

He further stated, “There has never been a more transparent, more intensive review of Ohio’s voting rolls than what we have undertaken. Because of our collaboration with outside organizations, the proper safeguards are in place to ensure any eligible voter will have the opportunity to have their voice heard.”

Those outside organizations with whom the Secretary of State‘s office is working include the League of Women Voters, the NAACP, the Urban League, labor unions, church organizations and the Ohio Republican Party. These partners are scrutinizing the lists of voters who could be removed.

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