The 2020 Campaign Will Be ‘Nastiest in American History,’ Steve Bannon Says


The 2020 presidential election will be the nastiest in history, Steve Bannon said Friday in St. Louis.

Bannon, President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist, made the remarks in a speech at The Schlafly Eagle Council co-sponsored by The Gateway Pundit. The story is available here from The Gateway Pundit.

Here is an excerpt:

Do you think it’s been unpleasant and nasty to date? You haven’t seen anything. The 2020 campaign will go down as the most vitriolic and nastiest in American history. It’s very simple. We win, we save the country.

Video of Bannon’s remarks is available here.

The decision will be made in the “Battleground States,” the 17 states that have swung between Republicans and Democrats in contested presidential elections. The BattleGround State News website dissects the anatomy of the crucial part the Electoral College, especially from these states, plays.

Of the fifty states that make up the United States, a total of 17 decide the presidency. Over time, the voters of these states support both Republicans and Democrats, “swinging” the outcome of a contentious national election to one Party or the other. The struggle for political victory in these states can be heated and confrontational – with rival candidates and their supporters spending vast sums and deploying thousands of activists and advocates to earn the votes of the citizens there, which is why they are called The Battleground States.

Under the current “all-or-nothing” electoral college voting system, 33 states – with their 341 electoral votes – have a reliable history of voting for Republicans or Democrats. Republicans can count on 159 electoral college votes, and Democrats bank on 182 electoral college votes, which leaves 197 in the Battlegrounds.

Meshawn Maddock, co-founder of Michigan Trump Republicans, said last week:

Ultimately, Donald Trump is President because he was the only man in America prepared to call out the hypocrisies and self-serving absurdities of the American political establishment.”

In 2020, Donald Trump is going to win reelection because he’s the only one who can stop those destructive elements from coming back with a vengeance. Every one of the Democrats competing to run against him would be an utter disaster for Michigan.

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