Pro-Life Activists Call for Investigation Into Preterm Clinic’s Role in Death of Ohio Woman


Dozens of pro-life activists gathered outside of Cleveland’s Preterm abortion clinic Tuesday morning to address the death of 26-year-old mother Tia Parks.

Parks died on June 8 after undergoing an abortion procedure at Preterm the day prior. As The Ohio Star reported, an autopsy report recently obtained by Operation Rescue reveals that Parks had a heterotopic gestation, meaning she carried two pregnancies—fraternal twins. One was implanted in her left fallopian tube and allegedly went unnoticed by Preterm staffers. She experienced internal hemorrhaging caused by a rupture of the left fallopian tube.

She was rushed to the hospital the day after her abortion and was diagnosed with free fluids in her abdominal cavity. She suffered cardiac arrest and died that evening. Parks had a number of health issues that put her at a higher risk of experiencing complications during an abortion.

The full story can be read here.

On Tuesday morning, national and local pro-life advocates gathered outside of Preterm clinic to demand change, and possibly an investigation.

“Lord, we are here today on behalf of those who have lost their lives because of the sin of abortion,” a Christian pastor began the event. “As a result of our neglect to stand for life, death now prevails. Darkness and destruction under the guise of abortion rights and women’s healthcare permeate our land, and more specifically our state, and have horribly exacted a physical, emotional, and spiritual toll on the lives of women, especially women of color.”

Rachel Citak, the legislative liaison for Citizens for Community Values, received a round of applause when she said that if the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office declines to investigate Parks’ death, then it should “still grant her, her family, and her community the right of referring this case to the office of the Ohio Attorney General.”

“We assume that if a healthcare facility can’t be doing it right, they wouldn’t be doing it at all,” she said. “We ask for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Tia Parks’ death because we are concerned that there may have been an inadequate diagnosis. We are concerned that there may have been undue delays in attending to the blood filling her abdomen and that this may have contributed to Tia Parks’ death.”

“We are concerned about the possibility of inadequacies of this clinic, which may have led to the failure to diagnose a heterotopic pregnancy,” she continued. “There have been numerous documented medical emergencies and safety issues at Cleveland Preterm repeatedly. We all know that a duly licensed clinic should maintain certain standards for doing things right, but we have so many unanswered questions about Preterm that cannot be answered by an autopsy report.”

“If these deficiencies are not addressed, Cuyahoga will be doing a disservice to young, black mothers seeking help,” Citak concluded.

Following the press conference outside of Preterm, a prayer service was held for Parks and her family.

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