Bikers for Trump Ohio Plan Massive ‘Trump for America’ Party October 12th in Mansfield


Bikers for Trump Ohio is not waiting around for 2020 to encourage people to support President Trump – they have planned a “yuge” party for the second weekend of October. The event even has its own Facebook Page, “October 12th Trump for America Party.”

John Witwer of Witwer’s Mechanical is a die-hard supporter of the President. Witwer told The Ohio Star his business has increased at least 30% since Trump was elected.

He came up with the idea of hosting a party about a month and a half ago. He thought his friend Ron Durfee’s watering hole, Lews Tavern, would be the perfect venue. “It didn’t take him [Ron] probably five seconds to say, ‘I’m on board!'” Witwer declared.


The men are expecting 1,000 or more attendees.

Friday the 11th will be a VIP party, and the public events kick off Saturday at noon.

Speakers have been lining up and those confirmed thus far include former Congressman Jim Renacci, Women for Trump Co-Chair and Trump Campaign Advisory Board member Madison Gesiotto, National Spokesperson for Bikers for Trump Dale Herndon and Ohio Gun Owners‘ Chris Dorr. Additional speakers expected include Republican Candidate for the 78th House District Pastor Bobby Mitchell, Ohio Women for Trump’s Joy Padgett, possibly Ohio Strong Action’s Mike Gibbons and more.

The speakers have the floor from noon to 3:00pm, then guitarist Frank Medley will play the Star Spangled Banner to start the evening’s festivities.

Bikers for Trump will head into Mansfield for a Trump Ride to the Warehouse Tavern for a round of drinks, joined by the Unity Bridge. Then it’s back to Lews Tavern for bands, food and hours of partying. Trump supporters will have music, food trucks and camping available so they can enjoy the camaraderie all weekend long.


Branded, featuring lead singer, hometown boy and local favorite Snook Mullins will take the stage from 5 to 9. The Red White and Blue band will move the party inside from 9pm to 1am.

“All Trump supporters are welcome – bring your butts to our rally,” exclaimed Witwer. “It’s a party for America and Trump. It’s about getting communities together again regardless of race or gender.”

“Hate groups will not be tolerated,” Ron Durfee added. “If I see anybody being disrespectful, they’ll be escorted off the property.”

Both men are excited for the event, but even more so for their President and his chances of winning in 2020. Witmer noted, “The silent majority is what wins this country. You know that little old lady? No one knows how she’s voting when she gets in that voting booth, but we know. That’s how he won in 2016. This thing [the party] is about the people and getting Trump re-elected.”

Lews Tavern is located at 1188 Park Ave E., East Mansfield, Ohio.
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Beth Lear is a reporter at The Ohio Star.  Follow Beth on Twitter.  Email tips to [email protected].
Photo by Bikers for Trump.

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