Rep. Hood Explains ‘Common Sense’ Gun Laws to 2nd Amendment Supporters at Rally


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Last Saturday hundreds of Second Amendment supporters joined Ohio Gun Owners and Ohioans for Concealed Carry at a rally at the Ohio Statehouse to push back against promised gun control legislation. One of their main speakers, State Representative Ron Hood (R-Ashville), explained “common sense” gun laws to the crowd.

He began by acknowledging this was not the first attempt to limit the rights of gun owners, and it would not be the last.

“It’s always a battle. And what you guys understand that so many do not, is this is a lifelong battle and it’s a battle to be passed [from] generation to generation. And if we’re not vigilant, we will lose our rights. And if we lose our rights, we lose the Republic. So we have to fight, we have to continue to be vigilant, and yes, we have to trust God,” Ron Hood declared.

“Because as you know, we do not war against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. [Ephesians 6:12] We have to war in the Spirit and then we have to walk it out in the flesh. And I appreciate you, and that’s what we’re doing today,” the Rep. said.

Noted was the event that brought them all together – the tragic mass shooting in Dayton.

“We know that we have to endure, as citizens, these awful tragedies that keep going on one after another, and they’ve been going on for decades,” Hood acknowledged. “Every time one of these tragedies happen, and they are tragedies, and our hearts go out to these victims, but every single one of these times a tragedy happens, there’s always a call for some sort of ‘common sense’ gun law.” (emphasis his)

“Well I would like you to tell me, what is a ‘common sense’ gun law?” Hood asked.

Then the Second Amendment-Supporting Legislator began listing all the ideas that are being called “common sense” by the media, anti-gun activists, Governor Mike DeWine and some lawmakers.

First Hood brought up “gun buyback” programs. “Tell me, if law abiding citizens are selling their guns and criminals are not, are we more safe with gun buyback laws?” he asked.

“No!” yelled the people.

“How about the ‘assault weapons’ ban? So in other words, if we outlaw assault weapons, and criminals have them but law abiding citizens don’t have them, how does that protect us? Is that a ‘common sense’ gun law?” queried the Rep.

Next, he asked about the “one gun a month” plan. “Wow, isn’t that just wonderful? So us law abiding citizens can buy one gun a month, while criminals can get as many guns as they want. Does that protect us? Is that a ‘common sense’ gun law?”

“No!” they responded.

Then he asked about red flag laws.

The gun owners screamed “No!” in unison.

Sarcastically, Hood said, “So criminals are going to obey red flag laws, right?” The crowd shook their heads and jeered.

Next Rep. Hood mentioned “gun free zones,” saying, “So we’re going to pass a law that tells criminals it’s safe to shoot people here? How is that common sense gun legislation?” he asked incredulously. “Is it?”

“No!” was the response.

Background checks were the next issue in the crosshairs. Hood noted we have background checks already, then commented, “That’s why we don’t have any more school shootings,” emphasizing, through satire, the evidence that background checks have not had an impact on mass shootings.

“I will concede that there might be a few foolish criminals out there who would like to stand in line for a background check – a few,” Hood offered. “But I can tell you one thing, after they fail that background check, we can all pillow our head in just the firm knowledge and comfort that there’s no other way they’re going to be able to acquire a fire arm, right? he scoffed, then asked, “So background checks, is that ‘common sense’ gun legislation?”

“No!” replied the Second Amendment supporters.

“How about another one of my favorites: I love the red circle with a line through it, with the gun in it, right?” Hood mocked. “Okay, I’m a little confused here. I walk up to an establishment and I see that sign. Why are we announcing aid and comfort to criminals to be able to commit a nefarious act in that building? Oh no, I understand, we just need to make the sign bigger so the criminal can see it! These common sense gun laws? They don’t sound common sense to me.”

His last rhetorical question to the crowd was, “If no one in a school has a gun except for a criminal, is that common sense?”

“No!” they shouted.

“If you want to defend [the children], we need more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens!”

Attendees replied with loud applause and cheers.

“I am thankful for our law enforcement. They do everything they can,” expressed Hood sincerely. He then paused as the people applauded for the first responders. “However, they can’t be everywhere. Unfortunately most of the time they show up 20 minutes later and make a report. I think it’s a little too late then.”

“But in government,” the Representative began, “Politicians govern by crisis. Something happens and they say, ‘Oh, the people are screaming, we have to have a law’!”

“Well, maybe we do need a law. I think we need a Constitutional Carry law!” he bellowed.

Cheers erupted across the venue.

“What threat is a law abiding citizen to the public?” Hood wanted to know. “In fact the law abiding citizen can provide safety to the public, and we all know that.” (emphasis his)

He went on to note that criminals carry concealed weapons without permission, so the citizens who follow the law should certainly be able to do the same.

Hood has been introducing Constitutional Carry, also referred to as Vermont-style or Alaska concealed carry, since 1995. In March, Kentucky became the 16th state to pass such a bill that allows a citizen, not otherwise prohibited from owning a firearm, to carry a hidden gun without first obtaining permission from the government.


Wrapping up, Representative Ron Hood appeared to have an epiphany. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you what. [State Representative] Candice Keller, I just realized how we can solve the murder problem in Ohio. You and I should introduce a bill making murder illegal!” he shouted.

The listeners burst out laughing.

“Then we won’t have to worry about murder in the state of Ohio anymore. Because after all, criminals obey laws?” Hood said questioningly, then submitted the audience to one more lighting round of questions.

“Are criminals going to obey red flag laws?


“Are they going to obey an assault weapons ban?”


“Are they going to sell their gun in a buyback program?”


“Are they going to submit to one-gun-a-month?”

“NO!” the listeners yelled emphatically.

“So enough, enough of this so-called common sense, ‘common sense‘ gun laws. The only common sense gun laws are one that equip the law-abiding citizens to protect the public!” Hood proclaimed.

The pro-gun crowd showered Hood with applause and cheers in agreement.

What the Governor and Legislative leaders will do with the so-called common sense guns laws introduced this week, as reported by The Ohio Star, remains to be seen.

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Beth Lear is a reporter at The Ohio Star.  Follow Beth on Twitter.  Email tips to [email protected].








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