Rush Limbaugh: ‘Never-Trumper John Kasich Says No to Impeachment’


CNN political commentator and former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich warned against impeachment in an interview with CNN’s Allysin Camerota Friday morning.

Rush Limbaugh, referring to the former Ohio Governor as, “famous Never-Trumper John Kasich” commented:

Allisyn Camerota asked Kasich (summarized), ‘If that one phone call – that one phone call – showed criminality, doesn’t it lead to impeachment?’ Kasich answered, ‘No.’ She’s talking about the phone call to Zelensky, the phone call from Trump to the Ukrainian president.”

Kasich posted the Camerota interview on his New Day twitter page, highlighting his comment, “Does one phone call at this point in time lead to impeachment? … This is not a light matter. If all of a sudden everybody can be impeached, then it has no power.”

Kasich stated the Democrats were rushing the process. Camerota begged to differ. “In fairness to the Democrats, it has been three years. You say that they’re rushing this process. They didn’t do this. Nancy Pelosi pointedly did not move towards impeachment after the Mueller report came out…”

“She didn’t have any way to do that, Allysin. Allysin, she couldn’t have moved then. There was nothing there to do,” Kasich replied.

“There is nobody, no one inside the Republican Party who has fought harder against Donald Trump than I have…The question is, ‘Where are the people?’ You know? Where are the people? Now I’m out here in Ohio, I’m finally back in the heartland. There’s nobody talking about this…” the former Governor lamented.

Limbaugh saw that admission by Kasich as the main point. He said:

The key here is that Kasich told Alisyn Camerota at CNN (summarized), ‘You can’t impeach the guy over a phone call. What are you talking about?’ And then he said, ‘Nobody in Ohio is talking about this.’ (Raspberry) is the sound of Democrat impeachment. Nobody is talking about it. Why? ‘Cause it’s just the same old same old. It’s nothing new. It’s just a bunch of childish, spoiled brat, irrational Democrat man and woman children unable to deal with the realities of life.”

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