We the People Convention Protests for ‘Equal Justice Under the Law’ Outside Cleveland FBI Office


CLEVELAND, Ohio – We the People Convention members and supporters joined President Tom Zawistowski (Tom Z) in downtown Cleveland Thursday to protest wanting “equal justice under the law” in front of the FBI Office on Lakeside Avenue.

The Ohio Star interviewed Zawistowski about why they were there.

“Well it’s twofold. One, it’s symbolic. We wanted to address the FBI and we didn’t want to just do it out in the middle of some community where they are not located. We want them to hear us. We want them to see us and to know that we’re not happy,” Zawistowski said.

He continued, “We’re not satisfied with their political bias in who they prosecute and who they don’t. And we’re not going to stand for it. So that was really critical for our people to make a rather long journey in the middle of the day to come here and confront the people that we think are the source of our problem.”

The President of the We the People Convention told the Star that the Cleveland FBI  knew that they were there protesting.

“We don’t care whether you’re a government official, whether you’re a candidate, whether you’re a politician, whether you’re a member of the media – if you break the law, you need to be prosecuted. And that’s the message,” he explained.

Also, Tom Z noted that he applauded how former New York House of Representatives Chris Collins was charged with insider trading and said that Collins should be locked up. However, Zawistowski thinks that Democrats Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton should also be investigated and locked up because they are “bigger” criminals.

“You can’t have a two-tiered system. We will never agree to be second class citizens in our country,” he said.

Medina County Conservative Coalition and the Portage County TEA Party joined We the People Convention to protest on Thursday.

They announced plans to continue to hold protests, sign waves and rallies in the coming weeks and months, including at the upcoming DNC Presidential Debate in Westerville on Tuesday, October 15.

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Beth Lear is a reporter at The Ohio Star.  Follow Beth on Twitter.  Email tips to [email protected].

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