Mike Gibbon’s Ohio Strong Action PAC is Not Connected to Governor Mike DeWine’s Gun Control Plan Called ‘Strong Ohio’


Governor Mike DeWine announced his promised gun-control package Monday called “Strong Ohio.” The move caused supporters of  Mike Gibbon’s similarly-named political action committee, “Ohio Strong Action” confusion and upset. The two entities are not connected.

“This is not us. Ohio Strong Action PAC is a super PAC for candidates. It is in no way linked to the Governor’s [gun control] plan.” Vanessa Treft, Political and Grassroots Consultant to the PAC told The Ohio Star.

Gibbons has not yet made a public statement about the resemblance. His website’s homepage, www.OhioStrongAction.com, states in part, “It’s time to stand up…Stand for a return to Constitutional principles…”

Governor DeWine presented his Strong Ohio bill to the public at a press conference. The legislation contains the portions of DeWine’s 17-point plan that must go through the Ohio General Assembly to be implemented.

He tweeted, “In just a few minutes I will be announcing details of the #StrongOhio violence prevention bill. You can watch the announcement live at http://ohiochannel.org.”

State Senator Matt Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls) is the primary sponsor of DeWine’s legislation.

Ohio Strong Action PAC began with a 2020 Vision Summit in Columbus on June 25th. As reported by The Ohio Star, Gibbons told the audience, “There’s an opportunity to ignite a strong grassroots operation. Enthusiastic Trump supporters are looking for opportunities to get involved.”

Gibbons explained, “We’re working with everyone who supports the President. Ohio Strong Action will be telling the truth about the strong Trump economy. We’ll have a presence on social media and volunteers knocking doors starting later this summer.”

Ohio Strong Action PAC has been doing just that. They began door-to-door campaigning in Delaware County on August 17th and they are keeping Ohioans informed of the Trump successes. For example, Gibbons shared the news about the Obamacare penalty being eliminated. “Need we say more? Promises made, promises kept.”


Meanwhile, Governor DeWine’s Strong Ohio plans to enact red flag laws, provide easier access to treatment for individuals with drug and alcohol addiction and require private-sale background checks for firearms.

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Beth Lear is a reporter at The Ohio Star.  Follow Beth on Twitter.  Email tips to [email protected].








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