Ohio Celebrates National Manufacturing Day, Credit Given to ‘Trump Effect’ for Growth


Friday was National Manufacturing Day, and according to economist Stephen Moore, the nation – especially Ohio – had much to celebrate.

Moore, who advised then-candidate Trump on economic issues during the 2016 campaign and still works with the Administration, has been outspoken about President Trump’s policy affects on the American economy. In a RealClearPolitics article from May entitled “Ohio the Comeback State,” he wrote, “Ohio is experiencing a long-overdue economic comeback.”

“Donald Trump’s tax cuts, deregulation policies and pro-America energy policies have been a financial lightning bolt in Ohio — as they have been for so many states,” Moore declared. “All told, the Buckeye State is shattering economic vitality records on Trump’s watch.”

The President’s policies have contributed to construction and manufacturing increases, and combined with the shale oil boom have been the keys to the turn around, according to Moore.

“Research by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland documents that thanks to the increase in jobs in construction and manufacturing, the unemployment rate is down to 5.1% and the ‘labor markets remain healthy’,” Moore wrote. “Per capita GDP rose 3.4% in 2017 and the per capita GDP is closing in on a record-high $70,000 a year.”

One recent example of the manufacturing growth in the opening of a new Pratt Industries plant in Wapakoneta. Late last month the President visited there to celebrate the opening of the new plant. Friends of Manufacturing tweeted, “President @realDonaldTrump was in Ohio yesterday celebrating the opening of the new @PrattIndustries plant – which will employ hundreds of Ohio #manufacturers, many of whom are vets! [@OHIOMFG] More via @DispatchAlerts.”


The Ohio Star wrote about the western Ohio plant and the fact that its opening was part of the President’s pledge to the American people that he would bring manufacturing back. For both President Trump and plant owner Anthony Pratt, it was a matter of “Promises Made, Promises Kept.”

The promises go back to the 2016 campaign. After the election, President Trump hosted a meeting where he promoted his plans to get manufacturing going again. At the table with the President and his advisers was Steve Staub from a Staub Manufacturing Solutions in Dayton.

The Washington Examiner interviewed one of Staub’s welders, Corey Adams, about the improvement in the business and morale since the President began implementing his economic plans. “I don’t really know what you could credit that to right now besides who’s in office,” Adams said.


The comeback of the manufacturing industry, especially in Ohio, was worth writing about for Trump-Economist Moore. Reflecting on the difference a couple of years have made, he ended his “Ohio the Comeback State” article on a high note for Buckeyes: “Ohio is no longer the Rust Belt. It’s an arsenal of growth. I wish I could say that about my home state of Illinois.”

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Beth Lear is a reporter at The Ohio Star.  Follow Beth on Twitter.  Email tips to [email protected].

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