Democrats Supporting Charter Schools Plan Protest at the Democratic Presidential Debate in Westerville


Democrats who support charter schools will descend upon Otterbein University on Tuesday, October 15 for the Democratic Presidential Debate. Groups and individuals from across the country want these candidates to know that “choice” must include the right for low-income minority students to have education options.

Cris Gulacy-Worrel, a charter school advocate in central Ohio, is working on the plan locally. Dr. Howard L. Fuller, Co-Founder of the Coalition for Charter Schools, is the lead organizer of the rally.

Dr. Fuller provided comments exclusively to The Ohio Star: “We are holding our action in the same place as the next Presidential debate because we’re tired of their threats to take away public charter schools as educational options from families who need and want them the most.”

“When candidates turn their backs on public charter schools, they are also turning their backs on Black and Latino children and families – the largest population of these schools,” Fuller added. “We’re not going to stand for it anymore.”

The charter supporters have created an organization called “Save Our Charter Schools.” Their website declares,

This fight is not about schools. This fight is about saving the lives of our children! Dr. Howard Fuller said it and we need to make sure those who are against charter schools, like some of the Democratic Presidential Candidates, answer! Isn’t it time for for them to listen to Black and Brown families?”

The group is not stopping with Westerville. They have already protested in Houston and are planning more rallies with the hope of getting their issue and their kids noticed by the Democratic Party and the nominee wannabes.

Democrats for Education Reform’s (DFER) recent poll, “…indicate[s] that there is strong public support for public charter schools among key Democratic constituencies, particularly Black and Hispanic voters.”

The problem within the Democratic Party, DFER found, is white voters. White Democrats, when polled, had the lowest numbers of support for charter schools. “The views of White Democratic voters seem to be a significant political impediment to parents of color gaining access to high-quality public charter schools that best serve their children,” the pollsters wrote.

Save Our Charter Schools will be on Otterbein Campus from 6pm to 8pm next Tuesday with signs, posters and a myriad of voices.

In a statement to The Ohio Star, Gulacy-Worrel said, “The call to action, by black and brown charter leaders from around the country, is being held at the Democrat debates so that we have a platform to share that there are many of us, within the party, that undoubtedly support school choice. We just want them to see us. We’re out here and we aren’t going away.”

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Beth Lear is a reporter at The Ohio Star.  Follow Beth on Twitter.  Email tips to [email protected].
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