Mansfield Threw a ‘Yuge’ American Party for Trump Saturday


MANSFIELD, Ohio – The Saturday Trump for America Party began at noon on Saturday. It was brisk and in the 40s, but supporters of the President came out by the dozens to start the day, quickly becoming hundreds by the afternoon.

There were bikers, hawkers of Trump paraphernalia, bands, and speakers including former Congressman Jim Renacci, Bikers for Trump National Director Dale Herndon and several of the biggest voices supporting the Second Amendment in Ohio and America including Chris Dorr, David Ragle, Kaitlyn Bennett and Madison Gesiotto.

Hosts John Witwer and Ron Durfee arranged the bash and were on hand to keep the production organized, information-packed and fun-filled.

Herndon shared the notice a couple of days before he made the ride up from Georgia, announcing “Yep, doing this!”

Chris Dorr, Director of Ohio Gun Owners, was up first. “One of the big things we’re here to talk about today is the DeWine-Husted gun control proposals,” he said. “We have a politics problem here in the state of Ohio.”

Defining politics, Dorr said, “Poli, in Latin, means ‘many’, and ticks means a blood-sucking parasite. So we got a problem here in Ohio with blood-sucking parasites that want to destroy your Second Amendment, your freedom, and they want to get their hands in your wallet.”

And Dorr pointed directly at the Republican party as the main political problem. “For years the Republican party use to be the last line of defense against gun control.” He explained that is no longer the case and gave the audience a website address to help:

Before he left the stage, Dorr called up State Representative Candice Keller (R-Middletown) and thanked her for sponsoring Stand Your Ground legislation, due to be introduced within the next couple weeks.

Next up was Ohioans for Concealed Carry’s (OFCC) Coordinator Dave Ragle. He took the time to explain some of the issues with the DeWine plan, including “pink flags” instead of red-flag laws. “Now, instead of requiring an immediate family member or law enforcement to initiate a psychological evaluation, they want to allow anyone to do it!…It’s time to draw a line and say ‘No More!'” exclaimed Ragle.

Former Congressman Jim Renacci stated he was on board with Donald Trump from the beginning, even when the rest of Ohio’s Republicans were supporting John Kasich.

“There were a whole bunch of Republicans to pick from, but there was one guy that stood out to me because he was so much like me…his name was Donald Trump,” Renacci noted, expounding upon their business backgrounds which is in contrast to typical politicians.

Renacci went on to speak out against the gun control legislation making its way through the Ohio General Assembly and his staunch support of the President. He said emphatically, “We have a left wing agenda that’s trying to pull our country in the wrong direction, and thank God for President Trump.” (emphasis his)

Kaitlyn Bennett, the “Kent State Gun Girl,” focused on the Democratic opposition and their antics in Minnesota. “[Protestors] would chase them [Trump supporters], throw urine on them, chase them to their cars. Now keep in mind, these are the same people who say you don’t need a gun because you’re crazy…Don’t be afraid of who you are and don’t be afraid to be a Trump supporter,” she shared. (emphasis hers)

Posted by Madison Gesiotto on Saturday, October 12, 2019


Madison Gesiotto, a member of the Trump Advisory Board and Co-Chair of Women from Trump, finished the speeches on a Trump high note. “This President not only has fought for us day in and day out, but he has made and kept promises like nothing we’ve ever seen in decades,” she proclaimed.

“Who’s ready for four more years?” she asked at the end of her speech.

The crowd yelled “Four more years, four more years!”

Following the speakers the motorcyclists had their ride through Mansfield then settled back in at Lew’s Tavern to celebrate the pro-Trump mood for hours.

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