Pete Hegseth from ‘Fox and Friends’ Talks to Ohioans After Dem Debate


On Wednesday morning, Fox and Friends‘ Pete Hegseth was at Tee Jaye’s Country Place in Columbus to dish about Westerville’s Democratic Presidential Debate with area residents. The Ohio Star caught up with a couple of those interviewed.

Don Roberts is an active Trump supporter. He was at the restaurant and told Hegseth, “Well, I watched the highlights afterwards, I was rallying here in Westerville for Trump. And when I did that [watched the debate highlights], my thoughts were, it’s the same old story. Biden with his anger issues threatening to beat Trump like a drum, Kamala Harris told us again she’s a former prosecutor. It was all the same old noise…”


Another advocate for the President who spoke with Hegseth, Drake Ross, told The Ohio Star, “Pete interviewing me for his live broadcast was a great way to have one more conservative, Republican voice heard.”

Two Columbus Democrats, Bill and Adam, were also interviewed. Alex Salvi of One America News tweeted a clip, saying, “A resident of Columbus, Ohio tells Pete Hegseth of Fox News he is supporting Sen. Elizabeth Warren because of her stance on taxing the nation’s highest earners.”

Bill also opined, “I think once you get past a couple a million dollars, you’ve got all the money you need. How about giving some of that to the people that work for a living that can’t make it?”


Bobby Lewis, a follower of Fox and Friends who tweets about their activities, shared Hegseth’s conversation with the other Democrat, Adam:

Guest: ‘I work in conjunction with a group who is helping a woman named Edith Espinal who has been living in sanctuary at the Columbus Mennonite Church for two years facing deportation.’

Pete Hegseth: ‘Is she here illegally?’

Guest: ‘Uh, she is here *undocumented’.”

Adam explained that Espinal met with Democratic Presidential Candidate Julian Castro Tuesday morning and held a press conference. He (Adam) was disappointed that immigration was not discussed at the debate.


Roberts, who is also an Air Force veteran, had some additional thoughts he didn’t get to share on the live broadcast. He spoke with The Ohio Star, “I would have liked to have told them how wonderful it was to have a national debate in central Ohio, to give the country an opportunity to see how a large gathering of opposing political views can interact peacefully in the Midwest while engaging in our exercise of free speech, as opposed to the recent Trump Rally in Minneapolis where anti-Trump protests turned scary, threatening and where even physical assaults occurred.”

Otterbein security and the Delaware County Sheriff’s office both confirmed Roberts’ assessment – no pepper spray, no tasers, no arrests were made in Westerville.

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Photo “Fox and Friends” by Bobby Lewis.






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