Former Transgender Woman Shares Transformation of Body, Mind and Soul on Recent Ohio Trip


MARYSVILLE, Ohio – David Arthur, also known as the Alphabet Man because of his former life in the LGBTQ community, visited Ohio this month. He brought his miracle-filled, life-changing message to area churches, including God’s Country Church in Union County. He began his church tour in Warsaw followed by Marysville then Mount Vernon. Arthur wrapped it up in Lima at Calvary Chapel.

His message included God’s transforming power to change the body, mind and soul of those who have rejected God – even a man who lived as a transgender woman for 30 years.

Arthur’s story is not a comfortable one. He was not raised in the church, never knew who God was. His own father committed suicide when he was just a young child. Men who came into his life to fill that fatherless void took advantage. At the tender age of five the sexual abuse began.

The short version of the story is on his website:

In his own words, Arthur describes the beginning of his long nightmare,

I was molested [recruited] as a child. The men who had traumatized me used the fact that I had no father in my life … to play on the fact that I was seeking love and attention from a male figure.”

At 14 he contracted HIV/AIDS. At 37 the hospital sent him home to die, telling him he had three months to live. His immune system was shot; he was diabetic; he’d been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and many other mental health issues. He could not stand without the aid of a walker, having been crippled from bone loss and unable to stand up straight for more than two years.

While laying at home waiting for the end to come, David Arthur began to cry out to God. He wrote about himself, “David prayed for weeks, repenting/confessing of all his sins – in detail, as he prepared for death.”

His “sins” were unspeakable, even in today’s “progressive” society. Once preyed upon by adult men for abuse, Arthur became the predator. Knowing he was infected with HIV/AIDS, Arthur chose to infect others.

“From turning to homosexuality and then transgenderism, and ultimately becoming a molester myself [a recruiter], that dark movement became the false sense of love and security I sought for so many years. I then watched how common it was for children to be “recruited” [molested] into that dark world,” he shared.

Arthur does not see himself as a victim, although he clearly was at the age of five.

“I do not state these facts to blame or to excuse what I did once I was old enough to make those decisions. I was a monster! I did unspeakable things to men and teenage boys across this entire country – which includes intentionally and purposely trying, and succeeding, to infect many with HIV. Yes, a monster!” he exclaimed. “And please do not pity me. I made the choice to become a monster, and I know it was a choice, because now I choose not to do any of those things by The Power of JESUS CHRIST within me!”

It’s been 10 years since David Arthur was dramatically healed of his addictions, his mental health afflictions and HIV/AIDS. There is no sign of the deadly disease in his body at all and doctors are baffled. Arthur, however, is not. He gives all the credit to Jesus who saved his soul and healed his mind and body.

JESUS Loves us right where we are. And HIS Love will never allow us to remain there. When I thought I was ‘born gay’ JESUS told me to ‘Be Born Again.’ I was,” Arthur told The Ohio Star. “And now I am free from the misery and chaos of living in that broken world of deceit. When I believed that transgender was ‘who I was,’ JESUS said ‘Deny Yourself.’ I did. Look at me now!”

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Beth Lear is a reporter at The Ohio Star.  Follow Beth on Twitter.  Email tips to [email protected].






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  1. carbon crank

    if she was formerly a transgender woman what is she now

  2. Praise YAH!! This is the best article to date that I’ve read about myself. Thank you so very much for showing Compassion for a large group of very broken people! Amen.