Sponsor of Ohio Stand Your Ground Bill: ‘Purpose of This Bill Now is to Combat Current Gun Control Proposals’


COLUMBUS, Ohio – State Representatives Candice Keller (R-Middletown) and Ron Hood (R-Ashville) introduced “Stand Your Ground” legislation, House Bill 381 (HB 381), in the Ohio House of Representatives on Wednesday. Twenty-two members co-sponsored the bill.

“The reason I went forward today and introduced HB 381 the Ohio Stand Your Ground Act,” Keller told The Ohio Star, “is to combat the current gun control/restriction proposals here in the Ohio House that will simply serve to place restrictions on law-abiding gun owners and further erode our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.”

“These proposed erosions or infringements should be alarming to all of us,” Keller added. “As we must remember that it truly was the Second Amendment that protected the First and all subsequent amendments.”

Some of the House Bills to which she was referring include House Bills 240, 319,320, 335 and 348. The Senate also has multiple bills and the Governor’s recent recommendations which were compiled in Senator Matt Dolan’s (R-Chagrin Falls) Senate Bill 221.

Members who have co-sponsored the Stand Your Ground are Representatives Niraj J. Antani, John Becker, Tom Brinkman, Jon Cross, Bill Dean, Diane V. Grendell, Don Jones, Kris Jordan, George F. Lang, P. Scott Lipps, Susan Manchester, Don Manning, Riordan T. McClain, Derek Merrin, Phil Plummer, Jena Powell, Tracy Richardson, Craig S. Riedel, Todd Smith, Reggie Stoltzfus, A. Nino Vitale and Paul Zeltwanger, all Republicans who constitute more than one third of the Republican members in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Dr. John Lott, President of Crime Prevention Research Center, defines “Stand Your Ground” as “the right to defend oneself without retreating as far as possible.” He recently covered the issue earlier this year in a Townhall op-ed.

Lott penned the article in response to a Democratic Arkansas State Senator’s attack on a Stand Your Ground bill in their Judiciary Committee. The attack was race-based. One of Lott’s points was, “Over 30 states have adopted laws that remove the requirement to retreat. Some states have had these laws since their inceptions. Before the famous 2012 Trayvon Martin case, these laws were overwhelmingly supported across racial lines. The irony is that George Zimmerman never used the Stand Your Ground law in his defense. Zimmerman was on his back and had no option to retreat, so the law was completely irrelevant.”

Ohio Gun Owner’s Chris Dorr was at the Statehouse for the bill drop with the two sponsors. He wrote on his groups’ Facebook page,

The fabulous Candice Keller, fearlessly swinging back with both fists on behalf of Ohio’s BEST citizens (gun owners, of course!) by introducing the wonderful #StandYourGround bill today (along with TWENTY TWO Republican Cosponsors!) with Representative Ron Hood! !”

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Beth Lear is a reporter at The Ohio Star.  Follow Beth on Twitter.  Email tips to [email protected].
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2 Thoughts to “Sponsor of Ohio Stand Your Ground Bill: ‘Purpose of This Bill Now is to Combat Current Gun Control Proposals’”

  1. Good for Ron Hood, Tom Brinkman, Ms Keller, and all who stick up for law abiding citizens who have never done anything wrong in there life. All Senior citizens should take advantage of concealed carry. Ohio should pass constitutional carry. It seems Democrats want to disarm all citizens and confiscate their firearms. Why? This would not stop crime.

    Of the twenty-seven words contained in our Second Amendment nowhere do I see any caveats allowing for the federal government, any government state or local the ability or responsibility to restrict my God given and constitutionally protected inalienable right of self preservation. There are no clauses allowing for background checks, waiting periods, psychological profiling, permitting, or the registration of any firearm to anyone!

    I say quit violating the U.S. constitution. We don’t need socialism and/or communism.

  2. Ram Muchewicz

    I’ve long been aware of the efforts of Ron Hood and Tom Brinkman,
    now Ms. Keller has my gratitude also. Living in Cleveland I’ve come
    to accept that my representatives have a copy of chairman Mao’s
    redbook in their pocket.
    I advocate for 2A preemption (or National Constitutional Carry),
    so that I might witness the collapse of seventy years of
    communist momentum. We should join the sixteen other states
    that have adopted their own statewide constitutional carry legislation.
    Many thanks to Chris Dorr of Ohio Gun Owners.