Trump Team Knocks Doors in Worthington for President and Local Candidates on Wet Saturday


WORTHINGTON, Ohio – Undeterred by the wet weather Saturday, Trump supporters gathered in Worthington to knock doors for local candidates and for President Trump.

The central Ohio office-seekers have less than tens days before the fall election and Team Trump was there to help them.

Michael Farley is a Worthington City Council candidate, one of thirteen vying for three positions. He and two other Republicans are hoping to make some inroads for their party in the increasingly left-leaning Columbus suburb. “I’m the only FOP [fraternal order of police] endorsed candidate,” Farley shared proudly.

Democratic Mayor of Columbus, Andrew Ginther, has chosen to get involved in Worthington’s election. He endorsed candidates to his liking for the northern Franklin County Community. “Another round of endorsements today for the excellent candidates in Worthington: Seth Kraut for Worthington City Council, Bonnie Michael for Worthington City Council…I’m looking forward to so many great new partnerships in Central Ohio next year!”


Judges Stephanie Mingo and Amy Salerno had supporters come out as well. When asked about Judge Mingo, Jason Miles told The Ohio Star, “I’m pretty biased because I’m her husband.”

Arthur Davis was also knocking doors for Judge Mingo. “I’m supporting her because she’s doing a great job on the court and she’s cleaning up the inner city,” he stated. Mingo sits on the Environmental Court.

A couple stumping for Trump and the locals, Andrew and Nichole Littler, are concerned about their Congressional seat. Joyce Beatty (D-OH-03) is their current Representative, but she’s being challenged by a far-left progressive in the mold of socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY-14). That has pushed Andrew Littler to run himself.

“I have a few reasons [for running]. The first and foremost, every one of her voting decisions, I’ve got her voting record in my phone, almost everyone of them is as anti-American as you can get. She votes party-line regardless of the needs of the people. That bothers me immensely,” Littler explained.

“Also we have this Morgan Harper woman that’s coming up. She’s extreme left, she’s socialist, I think the Democrat Party is going to make the same mistake they did in New York with AOC and they’re going to ignore her and she’s going to beat Beatty,” noted Littler. “And if we don’t have a street level, relatable candidate, we’re going to have a socialist representing our district, and I don’t want that.”


As reported by The Ohio Star, candidate Harper’s website shows, “…she supports a number of leftist issues, including a ‘jobs guarantee’ program, ‘tuition-free college,’ a ‘universal income’ program,’ ‘Medicare for all,’ and ‘reparations’ for slavery.”

Littler will have competition in the Republican primary. At least one other candidate has announced – Mark Richardson.

A member of the Trump Troop, Don Roberts, shared his thoughts about campaigning in the rain. “Couldn’t be more fun. The rain just charges you up even more.”

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Beth Lear is a reporter at The Ohio Star.  Follow Beth on Twitter.  Email tips to [email protected].






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