Some Ohio Politicians Praise Lordstown Sale, Senator Portman Expressed Skepticism, Brown Says Union Support Necessary for Success


Most elected officials praised the reported sale of the Lordstown plant last week. Senator Portman expressed skepticism and Senator Brown told the new owners they needed to partner with the union if they wanted to be successful.

According to Gongwer, Senator Portman (R-OH) exact words were, “I agree that Lordstown Motors has the potential to create some much-needed jobs in the Mahoning Valley with cutting-edge electric vehicle technology, but the chances of that happening are much better if GM invests in this new venture to help ensure its success and a new path for Lordstown. I will continue to work with community leaders to do whatever I can to return the Lordstown plant to its full potential.”

Fellow Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) commented that the new company need to partner with, “United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America to ensure the future of the plant.”

“GM workers in Lordstown drove the success of the company for decades,” Brown stated. “I’m disappointed GM unilaterally decided not to bring a new product to Lordstown. That’s their loss and the Mahoning Valley deserved better.”

The Democratic Senator added, “Looking ahead, I want Lordstown Motors Corp. to succeed. The best way for the company to do that is to follow through on their commitment to work closely with the UAW [United Auto Workers union] and its workers, who are among the best in the world at what they do.”

Ohio Senate President Obhof (R-Medina), Senator Michael Rulli (R-Salem) and Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH-13) had positive responses to the announcement.

Obhof said it was, “…the first step toward a new mission for the factory, toward renewed production and a revitalized local economy.”

Rulli, whose Senate district includes Lordstown, declared in a public statement, “We never gave up on the workers, and the community. The workers resiliency and the fabric of this community lights the way to the future of the Mahoning Valley. Our people are ready to get back to work.”

Rulli posted on Facebook, “Incredible News for the Valley!! Happy to help!”

Ryan, after joining Senator Brown in criticisms of the President for the Lordstown closure, tweeted, “I am very encouraged that the Lordstown plant has been acquired by Lordstown Motors Corporation. I am extremely proud of the men and women who helped build the General Motors brand of vehicles at the Lordstown Complex.”

President Trump announced the sale in May. It was confirmed last week. As reported by The Ohio Star, the President got it right.

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