Congressman Davidson Calls Impeachment ‘a Sham’ and Says ‘There’s No There There’


Congressman Warren Davidson took to Twitter following the first public hearing of the impeachment inquiry Wednesday night. He called the process a “sham,” pointed out the witnesses had no first-hand knowledge of the phone call that is the basis for the inquiry and stated, “There is no there there.”

“My thoughts on today’s #ImpeachmentHearings:” he tweeted.

“I’m sure you’ve seen the news today,” Davidson shared by video. “It was all about publicity. Congressman Adam Schiff has effectively ended the Intelligence Committee and turned it into the Impeachment Committee. All to present a show trial.”


“You see Republicans weren’t permitted to bring witnesses. The President wasn’t allowed to have counsel there. And forty minutes into the hearing, Adam Schiff changed the rules, all to advantage the Democrats and their narrative and to disadvantage Republicans…” Davidson pointed out.

“And then when you look at the substance, what’s the substance? They’ve got second, third, fourth hand accounts with people who weren’t on the call…there is no there there and you saw that now that you hear both sides of the testimony in public,” he explained. “There’s no one that was actually on the call that spoke today.”

In early October the Cincinnati Enquirer asked a loaded question of lawmakers, “Yes or no, do you support the White House’s decision to not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry? Why or why not?”

In a statement to the paper, Davidson wrote, “While Congress has the power to begin an impeachment inquiry, Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff do not. The power belongs to the American people – not to partisan activists acting on their own initiative, and not without authorization reflected in a vote on the floor of the people’s House. The President deserves due process like everyone else.”

In his Wednesday video, the Congressman’s position on impeachment appeared to have strengthened in its opposition: “When you look at the substance of it, President Zelenskyy said there was no quid pro quo, there was no aide that was eventually withheld, and there was no investigation that was conducted.”

“What’s the sad thing?” Davidson asked. “The Impeachment Committee ending the Intelligence Committee means our Intelligence Committee isn’t focused on vital national security issues…I hope we can end this and get back to the business of running the country.”

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