Notorious Abortionist Who Lost License Got It Back from DeWine-Appointed Department of Health Director


Ohio Pro-Life groups expected to see Dr. Martin Haskell’s abortion clinic in Dayton closed for good. The abortionist notorious for claiming to have invented partial-birth abortion, failed to abide by the law requiring his facility to have a transfer agreement with a local hospital and as a result, had his license to operate denied. Haskell fought the revocation from 2014 all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court and lost on appeal twice.

But in a surprise turn of events, pro-life Governor Mike DeWine’s Director for the Ohio Department of Health provided Haskell with a new license just days after the court loss. Haskell changed the name of his clinic from Women’s Med Center of Dayton to Women’s Med Dayton, then filed for a new license and received it.

Some pro-life groups are linking Director Amy Acton to abortion supporters NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Also noted was her political support for former President Barak Obama, insinuating that she does not share her Governor’s pro-life values.

Margie Christie, President of Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio (RTLACO), alerted their followers on Facebook that Acton granted Haskell a new license to operate in Ohio.

“We are looking for some answers. The Department granted the new license, along with a new variance that allows Haskell to avoid needing a transfer agreement with a local hospital—just a few days after the State won a decisive victory that had stopped surgical abortions at the facility. We are thankful we were able to stop the killing for at least those few days,” Christie said.

Other pro-life organizations were spreading the news.

Operation Rescue penned, “New Ohio Department of Health Director with Ties to Abortion Charities Keeps Discredited Abortion Facility Open.” The author links Acton to Planned Parenthood and NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) through her previous position with The Columbus Foundation. As the “community research and grants management officer,” her job was to solicit donations for non-profit groups. The two pro-abortion organizations were on the list.

“Perhaps this is why the nation’s most notorious abortionist, Martin Haskell, was able to resume doing abortions in Kettering OH,” shared Warren County Right to Life in a post about the issue.

“…During the 2008 Presidential Campaign, Amy and her entire family were featured in a article published on March 3, 2008. Amy Beech [her previous name] was a volunteer organizer for the Obama campaign who organized events, managed e-mail lists, and engaged potential voters on Facebook,” wrote LifeNews.

Another member of the pro-life coalition noted they will be looking at legal options:

Women’s Med Dayton has not been an honest broker, and their ongoing operation continues to put women and children’s lives in dire jeopardy”commented attorney Jeff Barefoot, President of Toledo Right to Life and member of the RTLACO board of directors “Our legal team is looking into what might can be done to appeal this dangerous decision by the DeWine administration. We are hoping that our pro-life Governor will work with us to protect women and the lives of their preborn children.”

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Beth Lear is a reporter at The Ohio Star.  Follow Beth on Twitter.  Email tips to [email protected].






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3 Thoughts to “Notorious Abortionist Who Lost License Got It Back from DeWine-Appointed Department of Health Director”

  1. John Berry

    Typical Ohio politics. Run right, govern left

  2. Steven A. Walker

    So, what other Democratesque actions are going to be uncovered about the DeWine Governorship? With this act, he now is “full bore” no different than the man he defeated last year, Richard Cordray. Seventeen cents per gallon gasoline tax increase, eleven percent tax increase on tobacco, and tens of millions of Ohio tax dollars on one program after another. So I ask you OHIOANS, tell me agauin what the difference in Mike Dewine as Governor and ANY Democrat as Governor would’ve been? I suggest NONE…

    1. Emmette Boone

      Why was Bobby Cutts convicted of Aggravated Murder in Feb. 2008 over killing the unborn child of his former girlfriend while this DeWine Licensed child-killer is walking the streets?