Ohioans Share Why Trump Support Among Black Voters is Soaring


The Washington Examiner revealed polling data this week that found President Trump has a 34% approval rating with African Americans. The Ohio Star spoke with four African American Trump supporters in Ohio and asked them why they support the President. State Representative Candidate Bobby Mitchell of Canal Winchester, Columbus entrepreneur Tyrone Jackson and Pastor Walter Moss of Canton gave their insights about the phenomena.

Mitchell is a pastor, Air Force veteran, small business owner and candidate for the Ohio House of Representatives. He expanded upon his reasons for backing the president:

I support President Trump for a myriad of reasons. When he announced his bid for the Presidency I knew he would be successful because as a business owner you have to be creative, show ingenuity and solve problems. The career politicians who happen to be mostly attorneys are good at arguing but not coming up with solutions.

As someone who was injured in the line of duty fighting against the Mexican cartel it is a pleasure to have a President willing to secure our boarders. The building of the wall is not just to keep people out, it’s primary objective is to protect those that are within.

Lastly, as real estate investor myself, I knew with President Trump’s background that he would be good for business and time has shown this notion to be a reality. Since he has been President I have been able to hire more workers and I’ve watched their stocks, 401k’s and IRA’s hit all time highs.”

Also, Mitchell commented on how the president is received within the black community.

“President Trump has made America great again for all people especially those in the black and brown community. African-American unemployment has recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded, Hispanic-American unemployment is at the lowest rate ever recorded, almost 3.9 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps since the election,” he explained.

“What I hear when I talk to African Americans is that they love that we have a man’s man in the White House,” the congressional candidate added.

Tyrone Jackson, who is an entrepreneur and part of the #WalkAway movement thinks Trump is the first president in a while to work for the “well being of the American people.”

All of his actions seem to be focused toward rebuilding this country morally, economically and culturally. Every one of his initiatives, tweets, and policies seem to further that singular, three-part objective. The fact that he recognizes his obligation to the people of this nation – an obligation to keep us free, to strengthen the Republican nature of our institutions, to strengthen the economic system, to protect us and our interest – really goes a long way in explaining my support.

Like Mitchell, Jackson sees his community’s support for Trump growing.

“I believe that support is growing because black people are hypersensitive to injustice and black people are grateful for opportunities for black communities to thrive. He is putting more money in black folks pockets,” he said.

Jackson thinks the media has attempted to paint the president as a racist, but people see the work he has done to provide opportunities to black people. As examples, Jackson highlighted Trump’s record on criminal justice reform and investments in the black community.

” Black people love the fact that he doesn’t take crap from anyone. And as a businessman, he is creating opportunities that most didn’t even realize could exist. He is putting money in black folks pockets and that is not going unnoticed,” the entrepreneur said.

Pastor Walter Moss also backs the Republican president.

“I support President Trump because of the policies he has introduced to help America be successful!” Pastor Moss explained.

He is strongly pro-life and has taken a stand for the unborn in his northeastern Ohio area. Pastor Moss has even written a booklet entitled “Why I am a Black Pro-Life Pastor.”  He appreciates the President’s position on life, as well as, the work he’s been doing to invigorate the inner city.

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Beth Lear is a reporter at The Ohio Star.  Follow Beth on Twitter.  Email tips to [email protected].






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