Proposed Ohio Law Would Allow Nursing Home Residents to Put Cameras in Their Rooms


Two Democratic lawmakers introduced a bill last week that would allow nursing home and assisted living facility residents to put video recording devices in their rooms.

“There are approximately 16,000 cases of Elder Abuse reported every year in Ohio,” said Rep. Juanita Brent (D-Cleveland). “Personally, I find this number staggering! It is about time someone stood up and fought for eldercare. We need to hold those who take care of our loved ones accountable for their actions.”

Sen Nickie J. Antonio (D-Lakewood), who also proposed this bill with Brent, said this piece of legislation was brought to her attention by a constituent who discovered via a hidden video camera that his mother was being abused in a nursing home.

“Having an aging parent in a nursing home is already a stressful experience, but this bill could help ease some of those concerns,” she said.

The Ohio Health Care Association, who represents over 1000 assisted living communities told WBNS that it doesn’t oppose this proposed law, but does have privacy concerns.

“Such as the rights of patients — both the patient being surveilled and other patients — to their personal privacy and dignity. We at the Ohio Health Care Association stand willing to work with interested legislators to ensure that any legislation in this area protect all of the interests and rights that would be affected,” says Spokesperson Pete Van Runkle.

Under current law, video recording devices can be set up in a patient’s room only if it’s approved by the facility, WBNS reports.

Although the reported number of people who experience elderly abuse in the Buckeye state is 16,000;  it could be much higher. The National Institute of Health says that 1 out of 14 elderly abuse incidents is reported to law enforcement.

Last year, Ohio law expanded the number of people that must report suspicions of elderly abuse. In 2018, the number of reported incidents was 14,597; however, this year reported incidents have gone up to 29,824, according to WSLS.

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One Thought to “Proposed Ohio Law Would Allow Nursing Home Residents to Put Cameras in Their Rooms”

  1. Steve Anthony Piskor

    I’m the constituent that proposed and wrote the law to place cameras in nursing homes. The law will be named after my mother and called Esther’s Law. I placed a hidden camera in her room and caught 8 aides involed in her abuse, one went to prison for 10 1/2 years, one to jail for six months, three fired and three disciplined. People who complain about residents right to privacy say nothing about the resident right to be free from abuse and neglect and treated with dignity and respect. This law will give both to them. If a resident does not want the protection of a camera, simply don’t ;put one in, if this is a roommate who does not want the camera, the other roommate will still be allowed to have the camera and their rights, the camera will only be pointed at the one who wants the camera, giving both their rights and will stop nursing homes from hiding abuse behind this right to privacy law, this will end with this law.