Plain Dealer Reporter Calls Out Ohio Legislators for Preventing Local Governments From Regulating Guns While Designating Statehouse as Gun-Free


Three Ohio counties have declared themselves as Second Amendment Sanctuaries, leading one journalist to sarcastically suggest the General Assembly should make the Statehouse a sanctuary too — despite guns being banned from there.

Thomas Suddes wrote the editorial for the Plain Dealer on Sunday. The editorial is available here. He also called Republicans out for passing legislation that prevents local governments from regulating guns.

Actually, designating a county (or anyplace else in Ohio) a Second Amendment Sanctuary is redundant. Since 2006, the legislature, with state Supreme Court connivance, has forbidden local governments from regulating guns. So, to the legislature, everywhere in Ohio is a Second Amendment Sanctuary – with one startling exception.

The GOP-run General Assembly passed that 2006 law, House Bill 347, over the veto of then-Gov. Bob Taft, a Republican.

HB347 made laws uniform across the state, according to the Buckeye Firearms Association.

The most important aspects to gun owners are uniform laws throughout the state and the elimination of “plain sight” for concealed carry license holders (CHL’s). Background checks will become uniform, as will the standard for sealed/expunged records. Restrictions on police officers have been eased.

Meanwhile, the Ohio Statehouse is gun-free.

The Statehouse rules say, “Weapons – with the exception of those carried by peace officers in the course of their duties and as expressly authorized under division (N) of section 105.41 of the Revised Code, firearms or other weapons, concealed or otherwise, are prohibited within the capitol buildings without the express written permission of the board.”

Suddes points out that county commissions in three counties — Clermont, Meigs and Scioto — have adopted resolutions declaring their communities to be Second Amendment Sanctuaries. Suddes pointed out those counties are solidly Republican.

One Scioto County commissioner pointed out to the Portsmouth Daily Times that while their Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution does not carry the weight of law, it is a show of support.

Commissioners reminded the public that their resolution that passed on Thursday would only serve as documented support for the Second Amendment by the county and would not alter or create any new laws.

“We are reaffirming our support for the Second Amendment,” said Commissioner Bryan Davis. “Some people have asked us, “Why waste the time?” Well, we do resolutions for retirees. Why do we take the time to do that? It’s important. We take time to honor law enforcement and firefighters and people like that. Why do we do that? Because it’s important. I believe our Second Amendment is important as well as all 27 amendments to our constitution are important.”

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.






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