Abortion Clinic Still Operating in Ohio Despite Governor’s Executive Order and Attorney General’s Letter of Warning


Despite an Executive Order March 17 by Governor Mike DeWine directing health care professionals to postpone elective surgeries to combat the spread of the Chinese Virus and a letter two days later by Attorney General Dave Yost addressed to surgical abortion providers warning them to “immediately stop performing non-essential and elective surgical abortions,” at least one concerned Ohioan successfully made an abortion appointment.

Marti Day Folck, who lives in Kettering, Ohio resident, wanted to see if the abortion clinic near her, the Women’s Med Center (WMC), was following what Yost asked them. However, she found out the exact opposite.

Folck called WMC Wednesday to schedule an abortion procedure. She told the center that she was 20 weeks pregnant and asked if they were be anyway to get an abortion.

The center told Folck that she could get an abortion, and that she could schedule an appointment for consultation Thursday.

Folk told The Ohio Star that the WMC said she can come back next week to begin the abortion procedures, which is a two-day process.

She noted that the procedure would have cost her $2,400 with $1,200 being paid with financial assistance.

Folck said she doesn’t have any plan to go through with the procedure.

Folck, who is a teacher, told The Star she had a friend that had a scheduled back surgery since January, yet the surgery was canceled after the state said elective surgeries needed to be postponed.

“[My friend] can’t get a back surgery, but someone can go in and get an abortion,” she said.

This week, Folck has been outside the WMC where she said there have been lots of people coming in and out of the center.

“The number of girls I saw personally going in and out was tragic,” she said.

The educator added the parking lot has been completely full in recent days with many out of state license plates.

On Monday, Folck printed out Yost’s letter and called the police to find out why the medical center was open.

The Kettering police read Yost’s order, took it into the abortion clinic, and then came back out to tell her that WMC said it had an agreement with the attorney general.

Folck asked the police officers if they would go back in there, so she could see the agreement these two entities had. But, the officers came back, and said they did not have anything.

This is no surprise as WMC told the Dayton Daily News last week that it would remain open.

“This isn’t just about shutting down an abortion center, this about where they are in a situation where they are breaking the law,” she said. “Why is the center open against the law? Why isn’t Dave Yost doing anything? Why isn’t anyone doing anything?”

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  1. John bravo

    Shut that place down . preferably permanent like.

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