People Protest at Ohio’s Capitol the State’s Handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Call on Acton to Resign


People gathered in front of the Ohio state capitol to protest the way the state has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, Ohio is under a “Shelter-at-Home” order until May 1, which it has been under since March 23.

Around 100 people came to Ohio’s capital Columbus Thursday to protest, according to Tom Bosco, an ABC6 journalist. On their way to the building, Bosco said people were chanting “Open Ohio.”

While at the capitol, people called for Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Director Amy Acton to resign.

Protesters said, “O-H-I-O, Acton has got to go,” and followed this chant up by asking the ODH director to show them their sources.

“Cite your sources, Show us the data,” the crowd yelled repeatedly.


People at the protest also told Gov. DeWine to open back up the state’s economy.

Since the first COVID-19 case came to Ohio, the governor has taken aggressive measures by closing down schools, shutting down many businesses and delaying the state’s primary.

“Quarantine worse than the virus,” people screamed.

The protesters told state legislators that they work for them. When in front of the capitol building’s stairs, the crowd of people said, “No paycheck for us, no paycheck for you.”

“No more guessing open Ohio now,” they yelled.

Ohio’s economy has been hurting over the last three weeks as many industries have been shut down to prevent the stop of the coronavirus. To illustrate, the Buckeye State has seen 694,779 unemployment benefit claims the last three weeks, which is the sixth most for an American state during this span, PBS reported.

During Thursday’s press conference, Acton tried to ease Ohioan’s concerns.

“@DrAmyActon:This is a hard mountain to climb. It is an arduous climb up this mountain and we have done this together. But the decent is challenging too,” DeWine tweeted. “Every move we’re making is based on the best science, and we will not leave you as we get you through this journey.”

“The journey is like a mountain range. We’re reaching a peak. We’ll be seeing more deaths. We will escort you carefully to recovery, but we must do it responsibly. #InThisTogetherOhio #StayHomeOhio”

As of Thursday, Ohio has 5,512 confirmed coronavirus cases and 213 deaths according to ODH numbers.

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Photo “Protesters at Ohio Capitol” by Team Cunningham.



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3 Thoughts to “People Protest at Ohio’s Capitol the State’s Handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Call on Acton to Resign”

  1. Mark Pitrone

    Dr. Acting is a ditz.

    I don’t know what she has on the Gov, but he seems to be under her spell.

    There was no need for the remain in place ORDER! All he needed to do was strongly suggest it and the masking/spacing. The vast majority would have done all willingly, and there would be no trampling of citizen rights.

  2. John and Carol Kerr

    Just think about it…we have 11,688,000 citizens. 231 deaths and we close down the State???? . Open up the economy in Ohio!

  3. Catherine Grossi

    I also disagree with closing everything down, especially our churches! I can see distancing and practicing better health practices. Closing everything down is too extreme and is hurting more than helping. If you don’t have the money to keep your home going, how are you going to take care of your family and this put a strain on America’s already strained budget that the Federal Government has been complaining about for years! Playing into the wrong hands, here! You are so scared that God will have this virus after you, you are punishing everyone by taking away their ability to work, and to worship their God! In the end, God will still punish you, if you deserve it. Leaders aren’t supposed to be control freaks over this!