Steve Bannon: The Chinese Communist Party is the Enemy of the United States, the Chinese People, and All of Mankind


Live from Music Row Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Michael Patrick Leahy was joined on the newsmakers line by War Room Pandemic host and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

Bannon laid out the timeline of the Chinese Communist Party’s coverup of the coronavirus and how they stockpiled personal protective equipment from around the world. He stated that the destruction of our personal lives, communities, cities, states, and nation is due to the Chinese Communist Party.

Leahy: We are joined now by our good friend. Former boss, mentor, chairman of Breitbart news for a bit, and also the chairman and executive chairman of the Trump campaign. He’s the former White House, chief strategist. And also, the host of the wildly successful War Room Pandemic. We do a live stream every Saturday of War Room Pandemic. Welcome, Steve.

Bannon: Hey Michael Patrick Leahy how you doing, brother? Thanks for having me on the show.

Leahy: First, hats off to you for your spectacularly good War Room: Pandemic podcast. We broadcasted your special Saturday every two hours from 10 am to noon Eastern time. Nobody in the country, no one is covering the pandemic at the level that you are particularly what the Chinese Communist Party has done.

You noted in your appearance on Maria Bartiromo that the President said something very significant that the Chinese Communist Party was ‘knowingly responsible’ for the spread of this pandemic. Why don’t you tell us a little bit more about that, Steve.

Bannon: If you are out there in the listening audience of the great reach of Michael Patrick Leahy’s newspapers and particularly in Tennessee. You have to own something and you have to embrace something. This is not the fault of some governor or some mayor, the President of the United States or the Senate. You are at home with no job, no pension fund, no clear direction of where we are going to head on this thing. 41,000 of your countrymen dead in the biggest mass casualty event in American history.

And it’s the sole responsibility of the Chinese Communist Party and Beijing. President Trump said, ‘knowingly responsible.’ Let’s leave aside the labs they had. The testing they’ve been doing. They gain function experiments to try to weaponize. leave all that aside. There are going to be intelligence investigations. World medical investigations. All types of investigations going on. Put a pin on that.

That’s very important. We have to get to the bottom of it. We need to get the right genome secret to getting a vaccine. That’s one. But right now today we know that they are 100% responsible for all the deaths and all the economic carnage. Why? They knew as a matter of fact that this was human to human transmission and community spread in late December of 2019.

That was the latest they knew. I could actually argue that they knew about it in November or early December. But it’s incontrovertible that they knew about it in late December. The Taiwanese and CDC notified the World Health Organization. One of my broadcast partners went on a show on the 31st. And most importantly the doctors in Wuhan and this Dr. Lee you keep hearing about.

Most importantly the doctors in Wuhan. These young medical professionals who go to school together were on WeChat saying hey, there are a ton of SARS-like pneumonia patients coming in here with something we’ve never seen before. That Dr. Lee and his other cohorts were pulled before an investigative apparatus of the police and tortured and forced to sign a false confession to say he was fear-mongering.

And he would go down on social credit and his kids would not get in school. they did all that in late December, early January. They came here to the White House to sign the trade deal on the 14th, 15th and never told our government. The entire time they were planning to shut down Hubei Province which is the size of France and Wuhan which is 40% bigger than New York City to suppress them. At the same time in the entire month of January they never stopped travel from China to the rest of the world.

The Chinese people are totally innocent here. This is not about the Chinese people. They are the biggest victims. they let 50,000 people fly from China to the United States. Why is New York City the hot zone? Why do 40% of our casualties come from New York City? It’s because of JFK.

That’s where people flew into. The other thing is the World Health Organization who are the useful idiots of the CCP those guys on the 12th of January. Then Tweeted it out on documents we had that went public with a press release on the 12th.

Then on the 14th Tweeted out in their conversations with senior medical officials of the Chinese Communist Party and the minister of health there was no human to human transmission and no community spread. That’s on the 14th of January.

That is a stone-cold lie.

The University of South Hampton did a study and Scott Gottlieb the former FDA guy who’s on CNBC every day, he refers to it. The South Hampton study was done by Chinese doctors who left China so that if the Chinese had moved to suppress this and moved in late December 95% of the deaths and 95% of the economic carnage would have been stopped.

All they had to do was be straightforward and honest with people we would have handled this. It was lies and misrepresentations. Let me get to a worse stat. Starting in late January knowing they had a massive outbreak they limited travel inside of China but not to the world.

At the same time, they went around the world to Europe, the United States, and Australia and vacuumed up all the PPE. The personal protective equipment. They are the number one supplier of masks and PPE in the world. They bought the rest of the world’s supply. They bought over two billion masks.

Why did they do that? To make sure they had it in case the outbreak got out of control. Number two was to use it strategically to make the West kowtow to them including the United States which is what we’re doing right now to get the PPE back.

Remember, that personal protective equipment is the key to keep doctor and nurse teams alive to do the testing in the ICU units.

That is premeditated murder.

Every doctor and nurse is dead in Northern Italy. Remember, at one time 10% of the casualties in Italy where doctors and nurses early on. This is one of the reasons that the disease got out of control in Northern Italy and killed so many people.

When President Trump finally stood up to them and said no more travel to the United States part and we are going to quarantine every person on the 31st of January Joe Biden takes the party line of Beijing. He said it’s racist it’s nativist and xenophobic.

So when he had to make the choice of what side he was going to play on, he joined the side of the Chinese Communist Party. Look it’s important for the American people right now to fully understand and embrace this. Understand what happened here.

This is the war. Separate out the signal from the noise. The noise is all the back chatter. The World Health Organization are all running dogs and useful idiots for the Communists. But the responsibilities of the destruction of your personal life, your community, your city, your state, and your nation is because of the Chinese Communist Party.

And here’s what’s the most outrageous of all. In 2000 years of Christianity we had an Easter where we did not celebrate as a group. That’s a responsibility not of your government but of the Chinese Communist Party. They are the ones that did that.

If you haven’t had your traditional Passover dinner and worship by tradition on Ramadan. You weren’t able to worship the risen Christ like you’ve done for generations and generations and generations, the responsibility of that is the Chinese Communist Party. President Xi, Long Chi Chong, and the rest of the gangsters that run that organization.

Leahy: The Chinese Communist Party are adversaries of the United States of America. Steve, why are, I’ll call them the Manchurian Media, the mainstream media, and the Democratic party, why are they pushing the Communist Chinese propaganda line?

Bannon: It’s more than the Democratic party. We have a problem in this country. The financial, cultural and business elites, this is why Donald Trump is President. The managed decline over the last 20-25 years is because the leaders of our country lost faith and the Judeo-Christian West, they lost faith in the United States of America and particularly working class and middle-class people of America. They chose the side of the Chinese Communist Party. Remember, our biggest allies and the biggest victims of the CCP are all the citizens of China.

It’s the citizens of Wuhan that bore the brunt of the lies and misrepresentations. Donald Trump is President because he tried to reverse the decline of this country and stand up for it. I’ll tell you why people are hesitant to take them on. They are brutal. Look what they just did to the world. They are the enemies of the Chinese people.

They are the enemies of the United States. They are the enemies of all mankind. They have a tremendous amount of money. A tremendous amount of influence. A tremendous amount of power. You try to take them on, you better be prepared to get punched because they punch hard.

My point is, this is just like Hitler and the Nazis of 1938 or ’39. If we do not stand up to them today, and I mean today. We are going to rue that fact in the next year or two because now is a valuable decision. It can be no more happy talk. No more spin. No more accommodations with them.

This is black and white. They are guilty of allowing. And this doesn’t even get to the fact of what happened in those labs and do they have a bio-weapons program. We’ll find that all out over time. But we know for a fact that they are guilty. This is a biological Chernobyl. They knew exactly what was going on and they hid that because they thought the regime just like the Soviets did would topple from power.

Leahy: Steve, thanks so much for joining us. Keep up the great work.

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