Conservatives Say Obhof’s Canceling Session Before Acton Vote is ‘Betrayal’


Conservatives are using words like “betrayal” to describe Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof’s late-night move to kill a vote on a bill to curb Dr. Amy Acton’s unrestrained powers in shutting the state down, and suggests he had an ulterior motive.

The Senate will not act this week on Senate Bill One pulling back the Health Department director’s powers, meaning it will likely fail, Fox 19 Now reported. The Senate is only having committee meetings this week and will hold a session next week.

“They will be focusing on legislation that will be very important to getting the economy back up and running and dealing with other issues that came up during the pandemic,” Obhof said Wednesday. “These include prohibiting price gouging, fixing our unemployment compensation system, and limiting liability for businesses that re-open so that they are not deluged with frivolous lawsuits.”

DeWine was not pleased with the House’s vote to limit Acton’s powers and threatened a veto, The Ohio Star reported.

We the People Convention wrote a scathing blog post titled, “Obhof betrays the People of Ohio!”

The blog says Obhof conducted a “non-voting” session so senators could not object to his ruling on the bill to give the public representation in the “unilateral decisions being made by the Governor.” (Mike DeWine)

So tell us, Larry, as the “principled conservative” that you are, tell ALL of us on the record and in public that your “decision” had NOTHING to do with your desire to be appointed to a Judgeship by Governor DeWine, after you are termed out this year, as has been widely rumored. Tell us, Larry, that this “decision” was consistent with your duty as President of the Ohio Senate to at all times represent the best interests of the citizens of Ohio and was NOT made in order to protect the Governor and your personal best interests.

In fact, since I know you to be a person of impeccable integrity, go on the record right now and confirm to all of us that you will not seek a judgeship appointment from Governor DeWine, nor would you accept one if offered by him in the future, because it would clearly be nothing less than political payback for actions such as this that you have just taken.

State Rep. Nino Vitale (R-OH-85) posted on his Facebook page that, “In the Dark of Night The Ohio Senate Cancels Vote To End Medical Tyranny.”

It is true. The Ohio Senate had a chance TODAY to vote on Senate Bill ONE which would have forced UNELECTED Doctor Acton to come to the ELECTED branch of the Ohio government, the House and Senate and vote on her orders. The Senate Refused.

Unbelievable. They stripped themselves of their own voting power.

The communication went out late last night, as you can see.

Restore the Republic. End Medical Tyranny.

Our rights are being stripped at every turn in the name of safety. Do you care?

Contact your Senator here:

Watch the 90 second video where the senate approves Amy Beech Acton here.

The video link is from April 10, 2019 when the Senate approved Acton’s appointment without posing any questions.

On YouTube, Vitale wrote:

Do You Know Who Unanimously Approved Amy Acton? The Ohio Senate on April 10th, 2019.

According to the Ohio Senate Journal Records, which I Include below, 31 Ohio Senators Unanimously approved of Amy Acton, the Global Health Professor, as the Director of Health with no end to her term.

Not ONE Senator did any homework to find out that Amy Acton is Amy Beech Acton and was an Obama Campaign manager highlighted in and many other news outlets as far back as March of 2018.

Amy Beech Acton is even quoted as saying, “Ohio’s never mattered in the primaries, and we never expected it to drag out this far,” says Amy Beech, an Obama volunteer in the Columbus, Ohio, suburb of Bexley. “There really was no infrastructure, and now it’s all over the place – within three weeks we have this million-[person] door-knocking campaign.”

Beech Acton also created an email group she created on called “Bexley, Yes We Can!” You can read the entire article below from

Now that the Ohio House has voted yesterday to rein in Acton’s powers, it’s time for the Senate to follow suit and pass the legislation and reign unelected Acton in.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.







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One Thought to “Conservatives Say Obhof’s Canceling Session Before Acton Vote is ‘Betrayal’”

  1. Rocky

    Obhof is just another George Soros/Hussein Obama RINO like Mike DeSwine and the Obama/Soros Dr. Actor aka Dr. Acton dba Dr. Death.

    Obhof and all other slimy filthy nasty anti-God RINOs need to be replaced as soon as possible. They are causing entirely too many deaths.