Senate Confirms John Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence


The Senate confirmed Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX-04) on Thursday as President Trump’s top intelligence official in a vote straight along party lines.

Ratcliffe became Trump’s second permanent Director of National Intelligence (DNI) in a 49-44 vote, with all Democrats opposed. The vote along party lines was the first since the position was created following the 9/11 attack as generally there are never more than a dozen senators voting against a confirmation for the position, according to CNN.

Ratcliffe was congratulated by top Republicans for securing the role.

As the director, Ratcliffe will be a key player in decided what documents will be released publicly concerning congressional investigations concerning the Obama administration and former Vice President Joe Biden. He will also be leading the intelligence community’s response to Russian meddling in the 2020 election, something he has said he believes will continue to happen, according to CNN.

Ratcliffe also received pushback for the confirmation among members of Congress, who said he was unfit to hold the position and too staunch of a support of Trump.

Ratcliffe was originally nominated by Trump following the resignation of former DNI Dan Coates in July 2019. Trump later withdrew his nomination, according to The Daily Caller, saying there would be a difficult nomination process. He nominated Ratcliffe again in February.

Ratcliffe will replace the current acting director Richard Grenell.

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