President Thanks Ohio Man Who Turned Entire Front Lawn Into ‘Trump 2020’ Sign


A Port Clinton, Ohio man recently turned his entire front lawn into a massive Trump 2020 sign.

J.R. Majewski, an Air Force veteran, said his 19,000-square-foot lawn is now home to one of the world’s largest Trump flags.

Majewski told Fox News Sunday that he hopes to keep the pro-Trump display intact through the November election.

“I think he’s going through a lot of troubles and turmoils right now, and a lot of people like myself are out here supporting him. We’ve been silent but I think it’s about time we voice our support,” Majewski said of his decision to turn his yard into a Trump sign.

He said the display required close to 100 hours in preparations and took another 50 hours to paint.

“The painting was pretty easy. It was the preparations that took the time and the effort to make sure it got done right,” he added.

Majewski said he hasn’t received any criticism for the display from his neighbors, many of whom were lined up behind him during his Fox News interview.

“I support the president because of his support for the American people, his support for the troops and the veterans,” Majewski said. “I think that President Trump is one of the best presidents we’ve ever had, one of the best presidents in my lifetime. So I’m willing to support him as much as he needs it,” he continued.

The president thanked Majewski for his support on Twitter Sunday morning.

“Thank you to J.R. Majewski, a great Air Force veteran and Trump supporter who did a beautiful job of turning his lawn into a giant Trump sign,” said the president. “Thanks also to your fantastic Ohio neighbors. We are making record progress on jobs, etc. Big silent majority.”

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Anthony Gockowski is managing editor of The Minnesota Sun and The Ohio Star. Follow Anthony on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Trump 2020” and “JR Majewski” by JR Majewski.







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