Joe Biden Tells Fox News That He Has Chosen a VP, Campaign Quickly Denies It and Says He Was Joking Around


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told Fox News that he had chosen a vice presidential candidate; however, Biden’s campaign denied he had selected a running mate.

While riding his bike Saturday morning, Fox News asked Biden if he decided on a vice presidential nominee. The former vice president jokingly said he had chosen a person and told Fox News reporter Peter Doocy that it was “you” he had decided upon.

When the video of this exchange hit Twitter, the Biden campaign quickly denied he had picked a candidate.

“Folks, this is clearly a joke. When Vice President Biden has made a decision on who his running mate will be, he will let the American people know,” Biden Campaign National Press Secretary TJ Ducklo tweeted.

Despite the Biden campaign’s denial, speculation is growing that Biden is supposed to announce his vice presidential candidate any time soon.

The two favorites for Biden’s vice presidential choice are Sen. Kamala Harris and former National Security Advisor of the United States Susan Rice, according to Axios.

These two women have been talked about for weeks, but The Associated Press reported that Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer met with Biden last weekend in Deleware. This meeting was the first in-person exchange Biden conducted with a potential VP candidate.

Whoever Biden does choose as his running mate, it is going to be a woman.

“If I’m elected president, my Cabinet, my administration will look like the country, and I commit that I will, in fact, appoint a, pick a woman to be vice president,” Biden said in March, according to CNN.

The Democratic National Convention is scheduled to take place on August 17. Biden will not be traveling to Milwaukee to accept the party’s nomination due to the coronavirus.

“From the very beginning of this pandemic, we put the health and safety of the American people first,” said Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez. “We followed the science, listened to doctors and public health experts, and we continued making adjustments to our plans in order to protect lives. That’s the kind of steady and responsible leadership America deserves. And that’s the leadership Joe Biden will bring to the White House.”

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