Ohio Football Mom Tased and Arrested for Not Wearing Mask at a Game


Alecia Kitts drove an hour and a half from Marietta to Logan, Ohio to watch her son’s football game.

In the first quarter she was approached by an officer from the Logan Police Department because she was not wearing a mask.

The video below shows the three-minute encounter between Kitts and the officer.

According to Tiffany Kennedy, the woman who shot the above video, Kitts had not been warned for not wearing a mask prior to the officer approaching her.  Kennedy also said that Kitts has asthma and that’s why she was not wearing a mask.

“There is no reason to tase someone and arrest them for not wearing a mask,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy also pointed out the female officer who is shown running toward the Logan officer and Kitts at the end of the video was not wearing a mask – pulling one out of her pocket as she was in pursuit.

“Alecia’s mom said that when the officer tased her, the current went through the bleachers and zapped the kid sitting there too.”

Kitts appears to be socially distanced from others in the crowd and sitting with her family. “There were only 25 or 30 fans from our town on our side,” said Kennedy.

The Logan Police Department declined comment and sent an inquiry to Captain Ryan Gabriel. The Ohio Star left a message with Captain Gabriel and will report back after making contact.

Alecia Kitts was contacted but had not returned comment before press time.

Sources indicate that Kitts was charged with criminal trespass and released on her own recognizance.

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Jack Windsor is Managing Editor and an Investigative Reporter at The Ohio Star. Windsor is also an Investigative Reporter at WMFD-TV. Follow Jack on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].




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130 Thoughts to “Ohio Football Mom Tased and Arrested for Not Wearing Mask at a Game”

  1. btl

    Nice job gestapo! Free country my butt! They training cops at jack boot U these days? IDIOTS!

  2. Lori

    This is an outrage!

  3. Robert J Haavisto

    Bitching on social media will get nothing done. Here is the information on who to contact…
    The City of Logan Mayor is: Greg Fraunfelter
    Phone => 740-385-8310
    Email => [email protected]
    You may contact the Mayor’s office Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    Chief of Police Jerry Mellinger
    Logan Police Department call 740-385-6866

  4. Freedom

    You mean she was arrested and brought up on the trumped up Charge of criminal trespassing because she did not want to wear a mask for a viral illness that is 99.997% non fatal in children, and 99.9% nonfatal in adults under 50. Everyone needs to carry a weapon !!! The constitution has a remedy for tyranny! These poorly trained cops should stop trying to escalate tension. Why not just hand her a disposable mask?. This was Clearly uncalled for. The officer should be fired for tasing the woman for not wearing a mask (even if these corrupt cops try to conflate mask refusal with criminal trespassing ). A civil
    lawsuit is definitely in order! You have to fight for the right to be free! Suggestion: Attorney Lin Wood Out of Atlanta Georgia.

  5. Michael

    The police chief, the district attorney and the officer involved should all be fired!!! Masks are simply an exercise in social conditioning …a prelude to COVID19 vaccine mandates for gullible and stupid Democrats.. People should have the right to decide if they will wear a mask or not, or if they will receive a rushed unsafe poorly tested COVID19 vaccine that has skipped animal testing , is a new mRNA vaccine never successfully used in human, no they want Americans to be the guinea pigs. Vote theses assholes out of office!!!

  6. Anthony

    I wonder what would have happened if that was a white officer tasing a African American women in the same situation? The biggest disgrace was all the sheeple sitting there witnessing this garbage and not doing a thing to stop it.

  7. Carl

    How can an officer fail to uphold his oath to the Constitution? Morally reprehensible!
    “Following orders” I guess.
    Makes it hard for good people to back the blue when the blue can’t stand up for what’s right.
    Requiring masks for the general public is not only completely useless (according to 100 years of science and medicine), but also completely unconstitutional.
    Hope she sues for all the department is worth.

  8. Welcome to Joe & Karmela’s America!!

  9. Mabel

    Masks are useless, and should be optional.

  10. Lovernotafighter

    In some ways, this has been a positive event, because it causes us to look closer at how our civil liberties are being altered in response to both the pandemic and the BLM movement.

    Top medical experts, officials and or authorities have clearly stated from the beginning of the pandemic, that mask wearing is not a solution. It’s only giving a negligible amount of protection and may give a false sense of security. Outdoor social distancing is thought to be the most beneficial thing we can do to prevent spreading airborn viruses.

    Both social distancing laws and trespassing laws have been intentionally uninforced by countless procicutors and judges, for fear of political and social backlash. If they don’t enforce trespass or robbery charges against looters and theaves in the context of illegal gatherings claiming to be peaceful, while threatening violence against police, or government officials, how can they enforce mask mandates or trespassing laws in a peaceful, nonconfrontational context such as mothers without intent, watching their child’s football game?

    As for procedure, the spectators are not expected to know the law, as are the officers commissioned to enforce it. Given the situation was initially peaceful, the male officer should have called a female officer to conduct the arrest. The first female officer on the scene arrive long after Kitts was wrongfully arrested.

    It’s no telling how local prosecutors will behave on this one, but I would expect them to consider the political ramifications first rather than uphold current standards of legal precedence. They must consider the backlash from critics on both sides and in this invironment it’s clear the bullies have intimidated the judges.

    Are we being bullied and pressured into compliance through mask mandates, rather than being protected by the guidance of medical professionals?

    Almost any epidemiologist will tell you straight out, we need to let’s this run its course. Trying to slow it or stop it will only make things worse. A mask that’s 50-90% affective even if worn correctly, is just giving the virus a leg up in regards to mutation as it evolves to become even more contagious.

    So if you look at real science, Kitts is actually allowing nature to take its course while authorities are trying to control people in more ways than one.

    The officers in this scene, committed a far greater crime than Kitts resistance to wrongful arrest. They dropped their masks while wrestling with her, exposing her to large doses of whatever Covid 19 they may have had. If she were to catch Covid from one of them, the charge could be manslaughter if she doesn’t survive. Given she has asma and was just electrocuted and put through the stress of being arrested, it would put her in an immune compromised state.

    As for the police officers, they weren’t dressed like typical cops. I’d have been highly suspicious of them and their intentions or authority, especially if I were approached while being legally compliant.

    Hillary Clintin wanted to make circumsision mandatory for all boys born in the US because a studied showed uncircumsized men were more likely to spread AIDS. So if we let the left, a supposed liberal party, make these policies, we will not only have political oppositions sensored on social media, we will be arresting mothers in this same tasered fashion, from the delivery room, for failure to circumcise or wear masks.

  11. Loren

    Will the Logan County officer who attacked and assaulted Alecia Kitts be charged along with the person assisting in the criminal act? This officer is an obvious danger to society and should not be walking the streets.

  12. Freddie Garcia Jr

    Was accused of belligerent or not the fact is that there is no reason for tasing a woman because she wasn’t wearing a mask from the video she was distant she was more than six feet from anybody except her own family so to say that that she was arrested for disorderly conduct that wasn’t even her charger charged with criminal trespass and how is it Criminal Trespass when she’s attending a football game that is a bunch of BS and I hope she’s got a good lawyer because that officer would definitely lose his job. That was police brutality in the very least

  13. Alan

    Just a quick note. No State, county, city, or school for that matter has the authority to make mandates or laws overriding our rights as a citizen to wear masks. This is evident by the fact that every arrest, no matter where it has been, for not wearing a mask has been overturned in courts all over the country because judges know that these mandates are unconstitutional. Look it up yourselves. There are court public documents that confirm this. That is why in this instance they couldn’t charge her with not wearing a mask. They had to charge her with trespass because of the inability of anyone or anywhere to impose mask mandates. Likewise, there are multiple court cases all over the country where authorities have arrested business owners for being open and /or not adhering to mask and social distancing guidelines because that is all they are is guidelines there are no laws or mandates that can be enforced because they violate constitutional rights. The case will be thrown out and have an opportunity to sue because she does have that right. It has been found that a great many of the deaths attributed to covid-19 are fraudulent. Don’t be fooled by the mainstream mediator the medical mainstream establishment that makes money from sick people, they are playing us all. there are investigations going on all around the world for false reporting and multiple notices of death for the same person being reported by media and medical establishment that are false. Get a clue and stand up for your rights.

  14. A. McEwen

    Correction – she was told that it was school policy for her to wear a mask. Shr refused and was asked to leave. She refused to leave and became non-compliant. She has no one to blame for this but herself. She got what she deserved.

  15. Shay

    They all need to be fired and sued. This is not North Korea!!!

  16. Jack

    the mind is a terrible thing to waste, your parents have any children that live? or they all brain dead like you? …when asked to leave FOR ANY REASON and you refuse it is called criminal trespassing, when you resist arrest or detention is is called resisting arrest… and it will get your in trouble IN ALL 50 STATES!

    the majority of comment just goes to proved exactly how stupid people in Ohio are, hell people from Michigan can understand this (but apparently not Ohio)

  17. You R Idiots

    you people from Ohio just ain’t too bright… first and foremost lets be clear; she was not arrested or tased for not wearing a mask! She was arrested for “trespassing” and tased for “resisting arrest”. When she refused to put on a mask she was asked to leave for violating health orders or policy, when she refused to leave then it becomes trespassing which is a criminal offense (like in all 50 States), while being detained for trespassing she resisted arrest which is another criminal act (also in all 50 States).

  18. At the beginning of the video, you can see the cop jerk his head like he cannot believe what he is hearing. Not sure what, but whatever it was triggered him and that led to him making the decision to arrest her.

  19. Jenn Hogseth-Boyd

    What has this world come to? She was socially distanced and has asthma. The rules for masks are totally arbitrary and ridiculous. If the people around her didn’t feel threatened, this should have been dropped. #supportKitts

  20. Lee Cary

    My next driving vacation had me going thru Ohio. Now I’m driving around it

  21. Greg C

    Correct. Tased for resisting arrest. Don’t be a maskhole.

  22. D. Pill

    Why didn’t the people around her stop this?!! Having a disability DOES exempt you from wearing a useless mask. Fire that officer now, fire whoever decided a mask was needed outdoors and take back your rights or get ready for your boxcar.

  23. Sher Bond

    The Ohio Governor Guidelines for outdoor sporting events included an exclusion for any medical condition preventing you from wearing a mask… the woman told the officer that she had asthma. I see a lot of money in this Mom’s future and I hope it ends up being Millions.

  24. LaLa Land

    I must of missed all of the post about how this was good “law and order”….and about how “if only she would of done as she was told”. #hypocrites

  25. Lover not a fighter

    Jesus people, get a grip. You are all fighting amongst yourselves which is exactly what they(social media) want. Maybe both the cop and the mom were getting their jollies or, maybe they are both caught up in a political scandal designed by the council of foreign relations, enabled by Mark Zuckerburg and his cronies.

    Government and media has failed us in so many ways. How can we expect a cop to know what to do or expect people to wear masks, when we’ve all been sold down the river.

    Trust me when I tell you, love is the answer, not arrests or lawsuit(or masks for that matter. They thems lives present great health risks that have been down played.🙉

  26. Juss Checkun

    Glad there is video.
    This cop is truly stupid. The lady will own everything in Logan before she is done with him.

  27. Veenerschnitzel

    I hope she owns ALL that did her wrong. She needs a good civil attorney. Lin Wood or Harmeet Dhillon. Mike DeWine has FAILED our state in an epic way. Karma can’t circle back to him fast enough.

  28. Highlander

    Here’s an idea… Why don’t we start setting up a fund raising account for every person who gets arrested resisting this mask nonsense? If we start making it PROFITABLE for people to resist these Gestapo-like actions, maybe the police departments will be overwhelmed and forced to quit responding to ridiculous complaints like this one.

  29. Marilyn Poindexter

    For all of you commenting, Logan did not make the mask wearing rule, Ohio High School Athletic Association did. Signs are clearly posted that a mask must be worn in the stands. Once she refused to wear the mask, after being asked nicely 5 times, she was told she would have to leave. When she refused to leave, she was arrested for trespassing, and after resisting, she was also charged with resisting arrest. If we don’t require spectators to wear masks, our athletics will be shut down, and the kids don’t get to play. Whether you want to wear a mask or not, when a business or place requires it, you wear it or stay home. Officer Smith was wearing a mask and it was pulled down during her resistance. Our kids had to be on lock down today because hot headed nasty people called in threats to the school over this. Act like adults, get all the information before you make comments on a situation you know nothing about.

    1. Michael S

      Accepting insanity begats insanity!

  30. Son Of Liberty

    Did the compliance fascists miss the part where she was OUTSIDE and Minding Her Own Business, peacefully. Looks like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, doesn’t it? The Taser Clown is supercop, now.

  31. markinro

    hard to believe all the dumass around her not lifting a finger+

  32. Unknown Assailant

    That asshole did that to a member of my family, he would be bleeding! (I’m 70,I ain’t taking that shit.)

  33. Veronica Hudson

    She did something to him at about 2 seconds in that caused him to raise his guard… And you can see him jerk his hands back… Also we have ZERO IDEA what transpired before the video started… For all we know, she spit on him… We just don’t know…. Resistance is a crime also. Stop being so “judgey”…

  34. Shamus

    Yes..Good for her for refusing and resisting a ridiculous reason to be arrested! If we are to become sovereign Americans of this Republic then we ought to act like it! She deserves a complete apology from the University and the local Police Chief. Now is the time for the silent majority to speak up LOUDLY in response to these ludicrous social engineering ploys plaguing our country at present. It’s been going on a long, long time, now, fortunately brazenly in the open, for Americans to finally see clearly, without a doubt, seeing these progressive, liberal dictates for what they are—-gross erosion of civil liberties, an egregious attempt at clamping down with draconian, marxist socialism.

  35. E. Russell

    If the American people do not stand up to this mask NONSENSE it will not be long before the police will be kicking our doors down at 3AM to come inside our bedrooms to make sure we are in COMPLIANCE. Think I’m joking? I’m not! I hope she has the courage to sue the hell out of this Nazi ‘cop’.

  36. Brian

    Bingo Wayne. I’m sure the school has a mask policy in addition to the state. Wear a mask and watch the game. The fact that the stands aren’t crowded may be a good one, but again the school likely has a policy. THink of it this way… you can’t walk into a McDonalds without a shirt and get angry when they don’t give you a Big Mac.

  37. Melody Mongomery


  38. Kim Weber

    FIRE HIM Immediately, Thank god it is on video!
    DO your job! Stop tje mandating laws not in effect!
    This is complete BULLSHIT!

  39. Shamus

    Unconscionable, ridiculous, and outrageously stupid. Unbelievable that we as American citizens entertain any of this absolute non-sense! Fire the cop…send him off somewhere far, far away, and apologize to the visiting parent who was humiliated at her son’s game for nothing, The comments alone about the game is outside, sun killing possible viruses, is sensible enough. Do we have to pander, explain ourselves, and submit to these outrageous assaults on our civil liberties? Hell no! She has Asthma…and these foolish people hand cuffed and arrested her?!
    This time the cop was way out of line. The policy is ridiculous.

  40. Allan

    This is deeply disturbing. The officer was overly aggressive. I am delighted the officer was black. Any other color and color of the skin in reverse, there would have been hell to pay. Very disturbing.

  41. Dave

    Why didnt she just comply? I mean isnt that what you folks say whenever an unarmed black man is killed by the police for “resisting”? How about some self-awareness white people.

  42. yeckle

    Do I have to wear a mask if I go to the bathroom and take a dump?

  43. Britanny

    Again, people are not getting it.. She was asked to leave the premises for violating school policy which is not adhering to wearing a mask!!!!
    1. A police officer from Logan PD was there to ensure the safety of the fans, including the enforcement of CDC & state rules/guidelines mandating fans wear mask while on school property.
    2.The Police officer approached the lady and asked her to wear her mask (that was clearly in her back pocket) she then told the officer that she had asthma & refused to comply.
    3. Once the lady refused to comply, she was asked to leave and wait outside of the stadium & refused.
    Once you are asked to LEAVE you leave, if you don’t you get a criminal trespass that would be asked for by the representative of the school. And for those that are not aware of rules, Ohio has a statewide mask mandate & that’s one of the rules that HAS to be followed per the public for sports to resume…
    So, the moral of this is what people? Put 1,2,3 together = wear your mask if you want to enjoy the world as it is today, or leave if you have asthma, or just don’t want to wear a mask, then leave when asked. When you fight & scream you will be subdued, trespassed & charged with resisting (now that’s a whole new door she opened) every action has a consequence, to many people say its “just a mask” no, its school policy that everyone needs to wear one so that school sports can resume, if people in the stands don’t comply what do you think would happen? The stands will be filled with card board cut outs of people…

  44. leeuniverse

    And look at all the people just sitting there not doing ANYTHING to speak for her against their clear fascist acts…
    This is how Nazi Germany was created folks, when good people stayed silent as the powers that be as well as groups like the today’s BLM and Antifa abused the human rights of the Jews, LGBT etc.

  45. jackson Brannon Jr

    Sue the stupid POS idiots!! People were watching a game and were social Distancing and two Mentally challenged IDIOTS decided to show the world how clueless they are!!!

  46. Robert W Rogers

    If it ever really gets bad, Americans will be killing each other by the 10s of thousands.

  47. Linda Howell

    This was a school policy. The Officer was doing his job. I have COPD and hate the masks. But I have to wear them at doctor’s offices. I wouldn’t have gone to this or any other outside establishment with this policy. She did not leave nor comply with the Officer.

  48. mark kiryluk

    He has no right. Just another power hungry liberal idiot . Does anyone want more of this crap ? then vote for Biden.

  49. Ice Man

    Settlement? She’ll be lucky to avoid jail time. I say this because, She resisted being arrested. This was the same behavior that POS Floyd exhibited when he was being arrested. The only differences being that the police in his case were white and the police in her case was black. IMO both police used excessive force. The other difference is that Floyd died and she didn’t. Now given on one hand you have a white woman and a black cop and a black man and white cops, who will be the loser? It’s a no brainer, the white woman of course. That’s the was our bizarro criminal justice works nowadays. It’s a damn shame this is what it comes down to.

  50. Pam Childs

    Wayne is a typical liberal. Rewrites history. We can see and hear Wayne, so your bs doesn’t fly. A, she was not breaking the law. B. She was not trespassing c. You do not physically arrest people without reading them their rights. And if you were real LE you would tell that other fat pig Karen to stand back and get her hands off the woman. I would sue that pig all the way to hell and back.

  51. Meems

    This was totally uncalled for. These people are OUTSIDE! High school sports have instituted unnecessary rules just so they can play ball. But there are always exceptions and asthma is certainly one of them. This family group was distanced from others in the stands. That officer was way out of line grabbing the woman like he did. He didn’t explain anything or give her a chance to explain. He could have killed her by tasing on a metal bench!
    Why didn’t others stand up for her? Everyone afraid?

  52. J. Cann

    They will stand by while antifa and blm loot, riot, and burn, unchecked, yet they will arrest someone with asthma for not wearing a mask? I hope that officer and his department get screwed by a federal civil rights violation suit for violating someone’s rights while acting under color of law.

  53. Pam childs

    There is no trespassing. It is public property if there is one nickel of tax payer money involved. Not private property.

  54. barack fag

    lawsuit gonna happen, this is what happens when u lower the hiring req. for cops etc

  55. RH_123

    Outrageous. Talk about excessive use of force. I hope she sues them!!

  56. porterv

    Take one look at that fat slob POS that tased her and you see what’s going on here, I hope she sues for a fortune.

  57. CA Mom

    Even though the mask rules are bogus and she should not have to wear one, why is she being so confrontational with the officer? Why is she giving him attitude from the beginning? This isn’t how you act at your son’s football game. She is cussing with kids right next to her. Don’t people get that if you talk respectfully to people ( yes, that includes officers), then most of the time they will be respectful to you. The video does not show the discussion before the altercation. I doubt he was arresting her for just a mask.

  58. I looked up the law in Ohio just to be sure. It allows for medical reason and as the article states, she has Asthma, which is a medical condition that can be exacerbated by restricting your ability to breath. I see a lawsuit coming from this overreach of authority.

  59. Sharon Summes

    Had she complied and not resisted. … Hmmm.. where have I heard that point made before??? Any organization has the right to permit or refuse attendance , be it a high school sporting event or a store. It is not her God given right to attend the game and when she did not comply, she was ejected. The article interestingly claimed she was not given a warning. Now I am aware of the dangers in presuming, but my Ohio school district’s fields have signs all over indicating that masks must be worn at all times. This is the warning. Furthermore, as most officers of the law are trained to first try to diffuse the situation, I can only assume that this fan refused to put a mask on after being verbally warned as well. We also didn’t get to see the entire conversation between the officer and the fan as the film started only as the situation escalated. If she is permitted to exercise social dissent when confronted with the police, then any individual who feels wrongfully confronted by the police deserves that same courtesy as well. But we all know that is not the case as many will claim that this woman was within her rights to resist arrest, yet someone who died as a result of a police encounter was somehow deserving.

  60. TinCanSailor

    Wayne – If a cop tried to arrest me without any cause, I wouldn’t go without a fight either. He didn’t appear to have discussed the situation with her, he moved to arresting and handcuffing her – after tasering her on a METAL BENCH. For all he knew, he could have killed someone with a heart condition or pacemaker sitting nearby.

    She’s going to get a nice settlement out of this one.


      This woman’s civil rights were violated since this notorious Facial Masks is not a law but merely a political fanatic’s mandate forcing American citizens to wear masks that absolutely offers no protection whatsoever. Forced wearing of Facial Masks for prolong period of time does cause a hazard to the process of human breathing. Which ever attorney reads this post, please act on this woman’s behalf because, Facial Masks is a political lunacy which hinders the human being’s breathing process. Heck, I learned about the hazards of prolong use of facial masks in high school back in 1946. For those who are not aware of prolong use of facial masks; here’s what you breath back into your lungs and blood-stream: Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, and small percentage of Oxygen. Let’s not forget the moisture that builds up in your facial masks creating a nest for bacteria.

      Here’s something else you should consider; forced wearing of facial masks is an Executive Order from a governor or a policy established by the health department which is not a law that supersedes our constitutional freedoms. Its conception is to attempt to control the people. GET IT!

      USAF (RET)

  61. Kureelpa

    A mask is only required you are within 6ft of another person. She is with her Family & Social Distanced. The Cop pulled down his mask because the fat pig couldn’t breathe & he Tased & manhandled her. I hope someone puts up a Fundraiser for her so that she can sue the city, she should contact Lin Wood.



      USAF (RET)

  62. angelshot9876

    Uncalled for . When you are OUTSIDE in the open air MASKS ARE NOT NEEDED. The UV rays of the sun will kill any viruses that may be expelled in less than a second. THERE IS NO LAW that demand mask wearing. therefore she violated no LAW. I would sue their collective a$$es off


      Every word you posted is absolutely true! This forced facial masks is nothing more than total control of the People.

      USAF (RET)

  63. Rwoodworth

    Every time I see people breaking the law, they claim racism. THE TRUTH, you are the racist for saying so, every time. She broke the Ohio Law. Pay the price, the correct officer was black assholes. She has a breathing problem. Lye some more ? She also resisted arrest, used her foul dirty mouth on this officer doing his job. You have to be a criminal Joe Biden man. Look at his record against American people for 47 years.


      Ohio does not have a state law that sanctions forced facial masks on the people unless its legislature voted for such a law of tyranny. Does the Ohio State Law you cited appear in its State Constitution? For the record; “mandates” is not a law.

      USAF (RET)

    2. Michael S

      Rwoodworth please site the “Ohio Law” of which you state.
      Oh that’s right you cannot because there is no such law.

  64. Tim Mesic

    That school employee was lil bich trying help the Michelin man arrest her. What a pu$$y.


    Evil prevails when good people do nothing!

  66. john

    Sorry Wayne…I have to disagree. She was NO where near anyone else. Some “Karen” or “Wayne” told on her. Bad girl…

  67. john

    The “cop” looked like he was getting his “jollies” with the arrest. Big surprise if he had touched me.

  68. Joe

    Impeach DeWhine
    Fire the two coward cops and the police chief. This is way overboard.

  69. OHIO MASK LAW: All individuals in Ohio must wear facial coverings in public at all times when: At an INDOOR location that is not a residence. OUTDOORS, but unable to maintain six-foot social distance from people who are not household members. ( I THINK THE COP IS GONNA BE IN TROUBLE). Now should we be as nuts as some others groups and throw “Racist Cop” into the discussion?

    1. Michael S

      It is not even a law. It is a dewhine diktat!

  70. carrol hoel

    Wayne you are part of the problem. He said she was under arrest before any of the resistance occurred. End of case


      Wrong! The Police Officer had no legal justification to declare that she was under arrest even if she was not wearing a facial mask! I believe we are still living in a Constitutional nation and not under a dictatorship. Obviously, the Police Officer lacked the knowledge of legal proceeding.

      USAF (RET)

  71. TomR

    Every person in the stands should have taken their mask off and said come arrest me

  72. This is the America we’re creating for ourselves. Are we all just going to sit back and let it happen?

    An entire nation of hand-wringing, OCD neurotics, willing to surrender everything the founders fought for, because of the fear of an invisible monster that has about as much likelihood of striking as lightning.



      If we allow tyranny to continue swallowing us up without a fight; then George Orwell’s novel of “1984” will be stepping stone for the Democrat’s dream for America.

      USAF (RET)

  73. HaHa James

    That thug should have been compliant, followed the rules and put her mask on!

  74. not required to wear a mask.

    There are a number of legal reasons one does not have to wear a mask and even the CDC is in agreement. If a person has Asthma, is Claustrophobic, has PTSD or any other medical condition where wearing a Mask is dangerous to one’s health, (and these are just a few) they are NOT REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK. This woman should file a lawsuit aganist this officer and Police Department.

  75. MikeyParks

    How in the hell can you support the police when they do things like this?

  76. Harlan J. Hale

    A meth addict can walk into CVS, grab $900 in booze, candy, and chips, and crap on the floor without fear before leaving, but a healthy productive citizen cannot watch a game without a mask without risking arrest, fine, assault &/or jail.

    She should’a been a meth whore.

  77. Tom Petty

    …I’ve been next in line, I’ve been next to nothing,
    Been next to bystanders who should have done something.
    It was not in my vision it was not in my mind,
    To return from the mission a man left behind…

  78. Jon Smith

    Black cop, 300 lbs., tasers white women, 125 lbs. then arrests her for not wearing a mask. How come this isn’t all over the front page. A little racism here?

  79. Ryan Williams

    It’s what we don’t see prior to the filming. If the arrested woman were black, they would have likely killed her.

  80. TM

    Everyone who watches needs to call the mayor’s office or email: This is not acceptable

  81. John Davis

    How do those boots taste?

  82. T. Fry

    Looks like a case for Lynn Wood. At least I hope he takes the case.

  83. Another shameful abuse of authority. I hope she sues the city

  84. FairTaxGuy60

    The CDC updated survival rates IF you even get COVID-19:

    Age 0-19: 99.997%
    20-49: 99.98%
    50-69: 99.5%
    70+: 94.6%

    And we’re tasing people for not wearing masks? WTF?

  85. BHR

    The communists are trying to take over, it is time to fight back.

  86. Jonpaul

    If the officer was white, and the non-masker wearer was black, rioters would have burned the town to the ground.

  87. keanu smith

    Wow, have men been so feminized that they won’t aid a woman being attacked, have women become so docile that they will let one of their own be assaulted without doing any thing?

    Where are the proud Americans who once would have aided a woman clearly being overpowered without reason. Not even an attempt to descalate by these castrated crowd. Shame.

    1. chris

      There were two women by her trying to get the cop to stop it.

  88. Don

    The question is exactly what she would be arrested for to begin with?

  89. Terry Rader

    Step into the boxcar Wayne, it’s for the good of everybody!

  90. TRUTH


  91. Concerned for our rights

    Do you believe that police officers should be approaching and handcuffing mothers for not wearing a mask (esp while socially distanced and outside)? Most believe absolutely not, regardless of whatever insane rules Fuhrer DeWine puts in place. The police shouldn’t have been involved. She was doing nothing to justify police response. Of course she resisted. Shame on the athletic directors and school administrators for pursuing and possibly even causing this. Shame on the cop for approaching and handcuffing her over a mask. Ludicrous. If you agree the mask rules are BS, then we should be banding together to fight the rules and DeWine – not each other and not police officers, who shouldn’t even be brought into this. They should have much more important matters to attend to. Where’s the science behind this rule? It makes zero sense. But the sheep allow it. I have great respect for police officers, but this situation is beyond any sense of reason.

  92. Heather McKay

    You sound like a Liberal.She wasn’t doing anything wrong. I am pretty sure the mask mandate is for outdoors only when SOCIAL DISTANCING IS NOT POSSIBLE. Clearly there was SD on these bleachers between family groups. So what was her crime? Why didn’t the officer start first by asking her why she wasn’t wearing a mask? This clearly appears to be unlawful detainment, assault, and a Federal Civil Rights Violation, since the State does make allowance for folks with breathing/lung/heart issues and kids 10 & under. Seems these Cops need to read the Mandate again!


  93. Tommy

    Hey Wayne , Bullshit too u compliant sheep

  94. Bob Wiley

    The men standing around watching this unfold should be ashamed of themselves. Ashamed. But then again, here we are in 2020, where standing for what you believe in gets ridiculed and people are so weak they would rather just “get in line.” Enough. Stand up for each other!

  95. Randall Hunt

    Well said. It is t hard to wear a damn mask

  96. B Wiley

    I hope Wayne is not in any position to teach the youth of America how to be real men. You sir, are the problem. The headline is not misleading in the least bit. You are simply unwilling to face the fact that personal liberties have been trampled upon and like so many, you just want to get in line instead of taking a stand. This woman is a damn Patriot. You sir, are a Yes “Man” who would probably watch someone stuck in a ditch and think “aw well, not my problem, should have stayed in the lines on the road.”

  97. B Wiley

    The men around this woman should be ashamed of themselves for sitting there with their thumbs up their asses.

  98. Concerned Citizen

    At 1:36 the officer intentionally pulls down his mask. Who is going to arrest the officer for non-compliance? How about the other officer running in at the end without a mask. Who will arrest her?

  99. Gary Braglin

    Everyone knows the rules that must be followed to attend these sporting events. School wanted her removed for failing to follow the rules handed down by OHSAA. She was given several chances to put her mask on, leave the stadium or she would be arrested. She chose to be arrested. If you listen to the full clip. She looks into the stands and yells to others in the crowd something to the affect. You all are with me, we are all going to stick together right. This was a planned event. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

    1. OHIO MASK LAW: All individuals in Ohio must wear facial coverings in public at all times when: Outdoors, but unable to maintain six-foot social distance from people who are not household members. >>> She WAS following the law. She was outside, sitting with family, and was social distancing. Looks like the cop and the school got it wrong. How do you spell LAWSUIT?

  100. Cyberman

    Good comment sheeple

  101. Is this what it has come to? What is next? The baseline issue here is a mask, not belligerence. Hopefully the case will be thrown out.

  102. Jamal Smith

    I dunno. Seems racist. I mean he’s a big guy, surely he could have subdued her without the use of potential deadly force. I mean what if she had a pacemaker and the taser made it malfunction. It’s time to organize and burn this city to the ground. Lol. Thinking like a liberal is exhausting.

  103. That’s half the problem right there. We have good obedient global sheep such as yourself that complies with tyranny. Let me know how those boots taste.

  104. Joe Berlyak

    That cop wasn’t even wearing a mask himself. Law enforcement and the judicial system in this state let alone the country are a joke and an embarrassment. If either one of them really cared about the image of law enforcement, they would hold these clowns accountable. This state is pathetic and the knuckleheads like DeSlime need held accountable as well. I’m tired of this Controlavirus shamdemic and people being too stupid to critically think for themselves. I didn’t serve my country to watch these politicians and law enforcement enforce their tyranny.

  105. Fedup Patriot in Ohio

    Key word here….COMPLIANT. You are COMPLIANT. YOU have become part of the herd. I, myself, have COPD. I also have a grandson that plays football. If I must, I will pull up a chair and sit right outside the fence to watch him AND my freedom. I will teach my grandchildren to STAND for what is right…even if you have to look through the fence. I WILL NOT be wearing a mask. I cannot breathe with the “face diaper” on. Not to mention the fact that the heat is unbearable for folks like me. I WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING WITH THIS BOGUS “RECOMMENDATION” passed down from the Governor (state level) to the local level. Wearing a mask IS NOT A LAW. Stop treating it as such! I thought the police were supposed to arrest people who COMMIT CRIMES? How can this be a CRIME if there are NO LAW(S) that designate it as such? YOU may have no problem surrendering your right to breathe, but I do. Stop the insanity. #ICANTBREATHENOWEITHER

  106. Valerie Meadows

    Dear wayne if you bothered to read the story, you might have seen that she has asthma…which exempts her. You are a complete moron if you think this was acceptable. Nobody should be arrested over a mask…nobody. and certainly not tased over one.

  107. Michael S

    Over a thousand people have died in this country from being Tased!

    A women suffering from asthma, sitting outside in the open air needs Tased for refusing to wear a mask? A mask imposed by dictat? The is NO law passed by legislature requiring wearing of masks. There are NO specifications as to the efficiency of said masks. Wearing a rag over one’s face accomplishes exactly what? I’ll tell you what it accomplishes. It lets a pathetic little man stand in front of cameras nearly every day getting getting his ego stroked…

  108. Nancy

    Really? If you are unlawfully being arrested and physically attacked, you won’t resist?
    WOW!!! Would you let them take your kids and put them in the foster care system where many are trafficked??? You better wake up!!!

  109. Paul

    Wrong. He was out if line. The mandates is not a law and there are exceptions anyway. He needs fired and the school sued if they are the cause.

    There is a time to be compliant and a time to stand up to Draconian officers, officials and mandates

  110. Danielle Coffman

    Obviously you didn’t watch the video dumb ass!

  111. Lisha Wilson

    Mask aren’t law, so the Officer had no grounds to arrest.
    You do have medical exemptions and Asthma is one.
    My deviated septum is!
    It’s people like you, who keeps the Police State strong!

  112. Joe

    Your full of crap. He was arresting her for the mask and he is dead wrong because there is no law backing his PC and in fact she was charged with a BS charge of criminal trespass because there is no law on the books for non compliance of the mask “order”. It’s an order not a law and he is a “law” enforcement officer operating under the color of law not bs orders. The best she needs to do right now is get herself a good Jewish Law Firm and sue the pants off the municipality. They will lose their bogus criminal trespass charge then the lawyers step in with the suit.

  113. Wayne

    Football Mom Tased for Resisting Arrest. There, Ohio Star… I fixed your misleading headline for you. She wasn’t tased for not wearing a mask. She probably wasn’t arrested for not wearing one. She was belligerent with the officer (Disorderly Conduct) and when he attempted to arrest her, she resisted. As such, she got tased. To be honest, the woman in the black shirt should also be arrested for obstructing justice. Seriously… instead of foisting these BS headlines on the public, why not run stories advising people not to resist arrest. Did she think that resisting would make the officer just go away? I’m just as sick of these BS mask rules as everyone else, but if an officer approaches me, I’m going to be compliant and not resist or be belligerent with the officer…

    1. Paulette

      She could use any thin fabric and wear like an old bank robber. They do very little to block air, bit are technically a mask. Made one for 90+ grandma that cant get enough air with mask.