Self Serve Is Back, at Risk No Longer Cautioned in Dine Safe Order


Ohio’s Interim Health Director Lance D. Himes released an amended version of the “Dine Safe Ohio” order Wednesday.

The new order has permitted the use of “self-service” food stations at “retail food establishments.” The order stated that all “Retail food establishments that are regulated by the Ohio Department of Agriculture are permitted to resume use of their self-service food stations in accordance with guidance from the Department of Health.”

Previously, the order warned people with respiratory illnesses, the elderly, and people with other risk factors to take extra precautions in attending restaurants and other dining facilities

This amended order changes the wording on masks from “businesses must allow” patrons to use face coverings to “businesses must require” patrons to use face coverings except for “specifically documented legal, life, health or safety considerations and limited documented security considerations.”

The order keeps social distancing requirements in effect. Patrons must space out at least 6 feet apart whenever possible. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing products must be available for patrons and employees.

Still at these establishments, a readily viewable list of COVID-19 symptoms must be posted, and businesses must ask customers to not enter their business should they be symptomatic.

This order maintains that maximum dining capacities must be established and posted using a COVID-19 compliant floor plan. Parties and reservation sizes of larger than 10 people are prohibited.

Also, the order still makes employees isolate or seek medical care when they develop symptoms while working. Should an employee be symptomatic, businesses are required to shut down and deeply sanitize the area if possible.

The order goes into effect on September 24 and will stay in place until otherwise amended or rescinded by the Ohio Department of Health.

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