Black Lives Matter Plans to Paint Street Mural in Nashville


Black Lives Matter organizers plan to paint a street mural in Nashville on Saturday.

Muralist Thaxton Waters II and other artists plan to paint the mural along Woodland Avenue, the same day as the Women’s March in Nashville, Fox 17 News reported. Organizers say they soon will announce events for that day, and they expect over 10,000 to attend.

Organizers on Monday said this mural will have the same yellow lettering as other murals as well as: The “B” will include colors of the African flag (red, black and green); The “L” will be include LGBTQ and feature rainbow colors; and the “M” will represent Music City.

Those behind the mural are approaching Metro Nashville Public Works for permission to close the road while working on the project, WSMV reported.

A Black Lives Matter Nashville street mural also was discussed in August with the blessing of some Metro Council members, The Tennessee Star reported.

“During a Minority Caucus meeting Tuesday, At-Large Councilwoman Sharon Hurt spoke about proposals and phone calls being submitted to the caucus for a BLM mural. She said two key things were missing from most proposals, approval from the mayor’s office and the actual funding behind it. She spoke about other cities, like D.C. and Baltimore, who’ve had their murals led by or with the high support of the mayor’s office,” the station reported.

There is also a petition circulating on calling for a mural near the State Capitol.

I feel Nashville is a city that needs to show more support for Black lives and show the world that racism, racial injustice, and the attempted destruction of Black lives will not be tolerated. Many cities are stepping up to show support and I think Nashville should do the same. I believe Charlotte Ave/MLK Blvd, directly in front of the Tennessee State Capitol, will be the perfect place for OUR Black Lives Matter Mural.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
Photo “Black Lives Matter Street Mural” by Cmichel67. CC BY-SA 4.0.







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20 Thoughts to “Black Lives Matter Plans to Paint Street Mural in Nashville”

  1. Alex Otto

    Block it! Stop it from happening.

  2. Tom Richardson

    This is pure, unadulterated crap. It’s not a “mural”, it’s graffiti and if these Marxists can do this, then anyone can paint anything. I like the idea of “All lives matter, Vote Trump” myself…

  3. Mary

    No, bad idea. We know who BLM is and we don’t want that here. WE want to live in peace and harmony and BLM never brings peace and harmony.

    1. Ron Welch

      Yes Mary, as their leaders admit, they are “trained Marxists”. And Lenin put it into action in the first Communist revolution. They state what it’s all about:

      “We must hate. Hatred is the basis of communism. Children must be taught to hate their parents if they are not communists.” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

      “We make war against all prevailing ideas of religion, of the state, of country, of patriotism. The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed.” –Karl Marx

  4. rick

    I was flagged also. I will probably be flagged for this I am sick of the racist term BLM like no one else matters. It’s a communist organization. They probably have their meetings at Commie Cooper’s house. Birds of a feather!

  5. mikey whipwreck

    since when do continents have flags?


  6. lb

    I think I will get a group and go down to Broadway next weekend to paint “ALL LIVES MATTER-VOTE DONALD TRUMP”–think that will be OK?
    Nashville is almost GONE–the people who vote over and over and OVER Dem/Progressives are now reaping what they have sown. They dont SEE it because they live in the Best Areas.
    Nashville had a chance, this last Election to put on the breaks on this nonsense and hopefully turn things around. The Voters didnt so here you are…
    We have seen this exact same scenario before. We lived in ATL for 23yrs. It went from being a nice, multicultural City where blacks and whites lived together and worked to make things better. Even the Home of MLK fostered very little SJW nonsense. Then the Libs started taking over the City Council. Then a Mayor got elected who was a stone cold crook (wound up in prison). City Services deteriorated, our Tax Bills skyrocketed along with our City Water. And it became dangerous–VERY dangerous in previously mild, safe areas.
    My Husband is from Nashville and was offered a job here. So was I so we moved into Davidson Co. Beginning about 2010 I told him I felt we were living in Deja Vu–an “It CIty” taking itself WAY too seriously and planning on that carrying them forever.
    Last year we bought and renovated a home 1 mile outside Davidson Co and left. We are now trying to sell our house in one of the most historic Neighborhoods in Nashville. Our RE Agent deals with high end Relocations and she said there are 3 reasons her Clients have told her not to look in Davidson: Schools, Taxes, Crime

  7. Wolf Woman

    Black Lives Matter is a “collective”, an organization whose founders and leaders publicly talk about their Marxist training. BLM see the family and our society in general as being an impediment to progress, and view our government and whole society through the lens of oppression due to white racism. They believe this “sin” of racism cannot be overcome except by violent overthrow of the existing laws and law enforcement. And by the re-education of white race according to the Marxist doctrine of Critical Race Theory.

    BLM follows the tactics of social justice action taught at the Highlander Center in New Market, TN. The Highlander Center has been actively involved in undermining our Constitution and trying to overthrow our government for over 80 years since its inception as the Highlander Folk School. The Center is aligned with Maoist, Marxist and Socialist organizations from all over the country.

    And now the virtue-signaling, ignorant sheep in our city want to commemorate a violent, racist, Marxist movement by painting its symbols in front of our seat of government as a sign of our submission to their power. Wake up Nashville!

  8. John

    Welcome to the Detroit of the south.

    Communism masked under the guise of race.

  9. Bud Bowen

    Nothing should be wrote on the streets! Tacky Tacky this takes away from our quant beautiful town. Please stop turning Nashville into Detroit!

  10. Mimi

    Ridiculous to call it a “mural.” It’s graffiti. It’s defacing public property.

    1. LB

      Those were my exact thoughts…”Its graffiti! Just as gangs mark their territory that is what these terrorist groups are doing. They are marking cities. As with gangs those markings have meanings that claim territory. Furthermore, everyone knows BLM was started by Marxist Satanist. So allowing them to mark our street and especially if allowed marking the street in front of the capitol, they are saying we are taking your government Tenn. My question is, what do we do to stop this?

      The solution is vote out the democrats/liberal on the Metro City Counsel. Everyone please vote and more important be informed about who you are voting for by doing your home work.

  11. This town has been devastated, in part, to the virus, and to a larger extent, Nashville’s (i.e. Cooper) irresponsible response to it. Even before the virus hit, Nashville was deteriorating. Fewer and fewer residents from the surrounding area were willing to make their way into town. Too crowded, too dirty, too unenjoyable. Now further destroying it by allowing the same nonsense to happen here, Nashville is taking the lead from all the other failed cities, mirroring their disdain for the taxpayer.

    When a city has to rely almost exclusively on tourism, and no longer has the economic support from its residents, it is only a matter of time before things collapse. A perfect example: with the incredible explosion of new hotels popping up – along with their NYC-like prices – they will be the first to go. No one will shed a tear. In fact, I invite others to pack a lunch, come pick out a piece of curb to sit on, and watch it all crumble. Cooper & Co. aren’t building for Nashville’s future, they are building for its demise.

  12. Kevin

    What a joke! Are the words “black lives matters” painted in yellow, now a TDOT approved traffic signal or marking? And doesn’t TDOT control the placement of messaging and “billboards” on or along the State’s roadways? Did they give their approval of these “billboards'”? Assuming they did, when can I start paining “Vote for Donald Trump” or “Stop Abortion Now” along Broadway?

    But, what exactly what are the colors of the “African” flag? The last I knew the continent of Africa, was dotted with a whole bunch of countries, many with changing borders and national flags.

    And since “black” is the absence of all color and white, the presence of all color, doesn’t the black asphalt represent the absence of any discrimination based on color? Is the “yellow” lettering a cheap shot at people of Asian descent? Or should the roads be painted white, so we are inclusive of all colors? Truly a dizzying intellect!

  13. Whoisjohngalt

    Bad idea Nashville! You are perpetuating racial division.
    If they really cared about black lives the BLM leadership would be in black communities educating the residents about “personal responsibilities”, etc.
    Instead they want to further divide the American public. It’s all about the money.

  14. Wayne Forkum

    So if some people want to make an all lives matter, would their be a problem with the mayor.

  15. Ron Welch

    Then Metro must allow murals by any other group or organizations if this is allowed. Otherwise, they will be in violation of “the equal protection of the laws” clause in the 14th Amendment which along with the 13th Amendment, overturned SCOTUS Dred Scott to end slavery. I know they wouldn’t want to continue one of the vestiges of slavery, that is, discrimination and preferential treatment of citizens. Surely Nashville wouldn’t want to become a slave city like some in the North and East!!

  16. Julie

    So it is legal for a group to shut down a street to do this? Maybe we should plan one with “All Lives Matter” further down the road.

    1. Tom Cullen

      My wife and I were thrilled to send our 2 girls to Vandy. They both graduated in 4 years with Engineering Degrees.
      If we were deciding today where we would send our girls. I think we would be making a different decision. Very sad.

  17. ArKane

    In other words, you Davidson County taxpayers better let them shut down the street while they deface it AND give them money to do it or you will all be branded as intolerant, racist, blah, blah, blahs. Extortion, thy name is Democrat.