DeWine Signals Backdoor Mandates for COVID Vaccines


Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, a Republican, has made no bones about the fact that masks, distancing, testing and tracing (a mantra driven deeply into the minds of Ohioans over the past eight months) will be the norm until there is a vaccine – with a significant uptake.

On Tuesday The Ohio Star asked the governor if it was his position to mandate vaccines and immunity certificates in order for buckeyes to return to normal life. The Star also asked if he intended to use backdoor mandates to force compliance with his wish for Ohioans to vaccinate.

DeWine said the state would not mandate vaccines.  However, the Ohio CEO was mum on the second part of the question.

The Star circled back with the Governor on Thursday, October 22 during the twice-weekly COVID briefing. The complete Q & A is in the video below.

The question asked was:

Will you allow others to mandate vaccines –

For example, allowing businesses to require employees to vaccinate in order to work, or prospective customers?

Will you allow schools to press for vaccines for kids despite Ohio’s existing exemptions for kids in k-12 since many of them are currently not honoring mask exemptions?

Governor DeWine said that the law regarding exemptions for kids is on the books and he does not believe that will change.

However, with respect to backdoor mandates, he said he desires to talk with the General Assembly – Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof (R-22) and Ohio Speaker of the House Bob Cupp (R-Lima).

DeWine’s comments struck a nerve with Ohioans who share the same concern as Ohio State Senator Andrew Brenner – that a vaccine mandate is coming.

“I am concerned that COVID19 vaccines will eventually become required. Because of this, I’m working on legislation that would make vaccinations for adults in Ohio voluntary,” Senator Brenner told The Star.

The Star reached out to Senate President Obhof to take his temperature on Brenner’s legislation. Obhof’s Press Secretary John Fortney responded by text message, writing: “members are free to bring up ideas for our caucus to discuss.”

Ohio State Representative Kris Jordan (R-Ostrander) told The Star he, too, is drafting legislation that would outlaw vaccine mandates for adults and will include language for children.

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Jack Windsor is Managing Editor and an Investigative Reporter at The Ohio Star. Windsor is also an Investigative Reporter at WMFD-TV. Follow Jack on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].





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7 Thoughts to “DeWine Signals Backdoor Mandates for COVID Vaccines”

  1. Doug Ogden

    Dewine needs to be recalled.

  2. Tim McGee

    I never have or will wear a mask. I went 5 different retail places past 2 days and no mask no issues. Same with no to vaccinations! Draconian Dewine is going to cause a war.

  3. Jeff

    The failures of these vaccines are not “oh, they didn’t work”….instead they are violent and permanent neurological disorders. Test animals DIE from it. The CDC has 12 studies showing that masks do nothing and that the vaunted N-95’s cause ‘oxygen deprivation’ worse than OSHA standards… this Dem-emperor wannabe-RINO knows nothing of ‘science’ and dismisses anyone in ranks who call him on it. Other than a very few conservatives in the congress, Ohio is basically a blue state dressed in RINO titles.

  4. Traci

    Would like someone to ask something along the lines of should there be full disclosure at each “briefing” of any conflicts of interests relating to his and his family member’s businesses or positions, investments, and campaign investors/contributors influencing his Covid policies? And also in that regard, should he recuse himself from making or influencing policy/mandates based on these conflicts that would potentially provide him/family with further financial and/or political gain? Specific conflicts as examples.

  5. Bob Leone

    First of all, putting on a face mask for protection is like covering your windows with chicken wire to keep out mosquitos. They don’t work and I am sure our governor knows this but it is best to scare folks….scared folks are easy to control. Think about those pictures of train loads of poor Jewish folks guarded by one or two nazi soldiers. The Jewish folks could have simply charged and taken control of the situation but fear froze them. Scared folks, again, are easy to control Dewine wants to control us ‘for our safety’.
    Next, the carrying agents in the vaccine are in and of themselves harmful. Mercury and other elements are needed to hold onto the virus to make the vaccine work. Who needs this stuff injected into their blood stream? What else is being injected? We need to put a stop to any talk about mandates. Big brother isn’t coming, he is here. Contact your congressman.

  6. Eva Davis

    No vaccine unless we the people choose to take it….President Trump will have a say in this….No forced compliance…

  7. John Jones

    RINO Dewine is from the same mold as the governor of Michigan or the mayor of Chicago. He doesn’t mind trampling on rights as long as the end result fits into his agenda of power.

    His China-flu policies are absurd, to say the least. His mask and lockdown mantras haven’t done anything, and yet he feels no shame about blaming this ineffectiveness on the citizens of Ohio rather than on his own general daftness. He has tried to set it up so that no matter what the outcome, he can’t be blamed for anything.

    What a disaster he has been for the citizens of Ohio.
    This is only my opinion, of course…