Loeffler Campaign Launches ‘Radical Raphael’ Website Detailing Warnock’s Policies and Past


Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) launched a website, “Radical Raphael,” detailing her Democratic opponent Raphael Warnock’s policies and past. The homepage has a picture of Warnock, titled “Raphael Warnock: The Most Radical and Dangerous Candidate in America.”

The website is a hint of the contentious general election runoff between the two.

The site summarizes Warnock as a “left-wing radical with a dangerous agenda” with “anti-American values” as presented through his policy and speech.

Further down, there’s included a campaign video titled, “Meet Raphael Warnock.” The video makes light of clips from Warnock’s campaign videos before cutting to Warnock’s support of Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Wright was Barack Obama’s pastor who gained notoriety when he publicly damned America and stated that the country could only blame itself for 9/11. The video also highlighted Warnock’s criticisms of police, Israel, the 2nd amendment, and Marxism.

At the bottom of the page, visitors can click one of three options: “Anti-American Values,” “Radical Policies,” or “Dangerous Agenda.”

Under the first tab, the website linked Warnock with Marxism and Communist leader Fidel Castro. Warnock has denied close ties with Castro, asserting that he never invited the dictator to speak at his church.

Then, the dropdown pages for each of the “Anti-American Values” ascribed to Warnock include links to articles, YouTube videos, and livestreams as way of proof. The included topics accuse Warnock of close ties to Castro and Wright, anti-Israel sentiments, domestic abuse, anti-gun sentiments, and pro-abortion sentiments.

The second tab concerning Warnock’s policies is organized the same as the first: drop-down pages with articles, videos, and social media posts as proof. Loeffler’s campaign links Warnock to tax raises reaching trillions of dollars, socialized medicine, and the Green New Deal.

The third and final tab outlined what it described as Warnock’s “Dangerous Agenda[s]” – defunding and opposing the police, and emptying prisons.

The Tennessee Star reached out to Loeffler’s campaign about Warnock’s responses. Loeffler’s spokesperson didn’t respond with comment by press time.

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