Governor DeWine Extends Ohio Curfew Indefinitely: The Way Out of This Is the Vaccine


Governor Mike DeWine announced Thursday that the temporary curfew he imposed in Ohio the day before would be extended past Saturday, and he gave little indication when or if the curfew would be lifted at all.

Word of the extension came at the end of DeWine’s press briefing as a response to the first question asked by media.

“You have a curfew at 10 p.m. that runs out on the 23rd [Saturday] that’s coming up in a few days. Does it stay or does it go and why?” an ABC News reporter asked.

“Well, unfortunately, it’s going to have to stay,” the governor began.

He added:

We’ve seen where the numbers are. We’ve got a downtick for a few days, but we’re still at very, very high levels.

So we’re at a very high level. So we’re going to have to continue that on.

We’re going try to manage this. We would love to get rid of it.

The next step will probably be to take it to 11 o’clock – but we’re just not there.

You’ve heard from Dr. Vanderhoff two days ago. He talked about this variant – this new strain – and that is a concern that will become more dominant in Ohio, and become more contagious.

So we’re still in a very, very difficult time where we’re trying to find a balance where people make a living, where people do what they want to do while at the same time, not let this get out of control.

So it’s a management question: how we’re trying to manage it. And I know people are anxious – I understand that people who own bars, people who own restaurants, people who want to go there – I get it. I fully understand what they are thinking. They’ve expressed it to me and I get it.

But we’re not there yet, and as governor, I have to try to keep this virus down while at the same time we’re getting the vaccines out just as quickly as we can.

So the way out of this, in the end, will be the vaccine. The faster we can get the vaccine in – and that’s our goal.

But we’re going to watch these other numbers. If these other numbers go down in an appreciable way, then we’ll be able to pull off that.

(emphasis added)

A statement was published by the governor’s office after the briefing covering the main topics of the preceding press conference. In it, a small portion addressed the nightly lockdown, but confirmed few details:

Governor DeWine announced that the Ohio Department of Health will extend Ohio’s 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew.  Additional details will be forthcoming.

The curfew does not apply to those going to and from work, those who have an emergency, or those who need medical care. The curfew is not intended to stop anyone from getting groceries or going to the pharmacy.  Picking up carry-out or a drive-thru meal and ordering for delivery is permitted, but serving food and drink within an establishment must cease at 10:00 p.m.

Read the full curfew order issued Wednesday here.

Watch Thursday’s the full press conference (the questions-and-answer regarding the curfew begins at 27:20min):




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8 Thoughts to “Governor DeWine Extends Ohio Curfew Indefinitely: The Way Out of This Is the Vaccine”

  1. Eromon Ecnelis

    Republican, Democrat, they’re all dictators. When are we going to realize this? How about we shut them down? How about we defy all their totally irrelevant retarded drivel? COVID is total bullsh*t (as in it doesn’t really exist, despite all the retards who claim they’ve “had it” who apparently never got sick before the year 2020), all the masks and rules are bullsh*t, the PCR test is bullsh*t, Fauci, Gates and anyone else claiming they “know” anything about COVID or “what to do” (about a crisis they created) are morons or evil, megalomaniacal as*ho*es. People like DeWine need to go away. They need to go into a cave for the rest of their lives and leave “normal” people alone. But they won’t because we continue to comply. Well, you comply – I’m not. I haven’t worn a mask and never will. I’m generally not out late anyway, but does anyone actually believe the non-existent virus can tell time? Tell me, how can a piece of Plexiglas stop AIR from BLOWING AROUND? When in the hell did locking down an entire economy do anything for anyone’s health? When did shutting down a business have anything to do with public health when that business has never been proven to be doing anything to endanger people except for defying illegal, unconstitutional orders? When did it become common for business-owners to claim private property rights when it comes to kicking you (a paying customer) out of their business, but the same argument NEVER works when you want the fu**ing government to get the hell out of your place? WTF? This s*** has got to stop. Wake up. Stop being a sheep led around by f***ing morons who want nothing but power, money and the deep-seeded desire to control the things they cannot – which means you. Trump’s gone. Now let’s start taking care of our own s**t and tell other people where they can go. Sorry for the language – but apparently speaking softly no longer works – a whole year of everybody’s life is now gone, ruined, or non-existent because of these as*h**es who you continue to believe in their government. You know, I believe in God, and trust in Jesus Christ, but in that word there is a lie whenever you believe or trust anything called government.


    Governor DeWine you work for us….we do not work for you.
    Talk to the Governor in South Dakota maybe she can bring you to your senses. You closed businesses (Mom & Pop) and they will never reopen because of you and your stupid orders.
    You do not make the laws the Congress of the State of OH makes the laws and you are to in force the laws. YOUR MASK REQUIREMENT IS NOT A LAW. Who wants to wear a
    “filthy tissue ” on you face all day that is the reason everyone is getting sick. Just watch how many times people touch this “tissue ” to adjust it, remove it to sneeze all over the place. You are insane because you keeping doing the same thing over and over again the you get the same results. That is the definition of insanity and that is you. Give up the job because you do not want to servi the people you want to rule the people with an iron fist.

  3. Doug Ogden

    This guy is an absolute power crazed maniac. He needs to be ejected from the Governorship.

  4. Carol

    And then it will be not until every single person gets the vaccine. Guess what? There are some of us that will never get this vaccine.

  5. Michael S

    I spent Thanksgiving through New Years in SW Florida. Not 100% normal but most people were out and about with no mask requirement and no bodies lying in the streets! Covidiocy! The stress of returning to Ohio lock-down is palpable.
    Moving to Florida beginning to look good but I do want to be able to vote against DeWine in 22.

  6. Marty

    I told my barber yesterday that I thought he would extend his order indefinitely. She said you really think so? He is loving his POWER over the people too much. So disappointed in our governor. No common sense at all!

  7. RedSocks157

    “I hear you” he says. The hell he does. He hasn’t compromised once on any of this insipid tripe he rolls out. I haven’t had to ask for permission to be out after 10pm since I was in high school – who does DeWine think he is? There are 11 million Ohioans out here in the real world who’s mental health this “representative” of the people is crushing. He acts like giving us permission to stay out until 11pm would be some huge concession on his part, as if he’s the father of 11 million unruly children instead of a REPRESENTATIVE of 11 million American citizens with a God-given right to liberty.

  8. Jim

    Mike “another 3 weeks” Dewine. Isn’t the definition of insanity to keep doing the same thing and expect different results? Governor, you keep doing the same thing and the results are not changing!