Hawley Amendment Suggests Giving Planned Parenthood’s Federal Funds to Adoption

by Mary Margaret



Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley introduced an amendment Thursday that would transfer federal funds given to Planned Parenthood to federal adoption and maternal health programs instead.

“Instead of abusing obscure Senate rules and procedures to give handouts to their favored constituents, why don’t Democrats work across the aisle to help mothers and children in need,” Hawley asked. “If Democrats are serious about unifying the country, then now is the time to drop divisive, partisan agendas and come together on an issue that all Americans can agree with.”

The amendment proposes establishing a “deficit-neutral reserve fund” to transfer all federal funds from Planned Parenthood to federal adoption and maternal health programs.

Hawley also called on President Joe Biden to reconsider his decision to rescind the Mexico City Policy, which prevents federal funds from going to abortions abroad.

“For millions of pro-life Missourians, and millions more pro-life and religious conservatives across the country, your administration’s effort to compel American taxpayers to fund foreign organizations working to snuff out the lives of unborn children around the world is an affront to their most deeply-held beliefs,” Hawley wrote in a letter to the new president.

“Sadly, it provides further evidence that your appeals to unity were primarily words for a campaign – words that you appear to have little intention of putting into action,” he continued.

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Mary Margaret is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.
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